Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Plain Filthy.......or Digging Out & Taking My House Back!

With the departure of Daughter to college last Friday, I gained a new project here at Chez Sluggy.

When my kids leave home for college, I get their bedroom back.

Oh, they still get to stay in their rooms when they are home for the brief period of times between semesters and summer employment, but I get to rearrange/decorate/commandeer/refashion/repurpose  their bedroom.
This includes moving all the crap they leave behind.

No, I am NOT leaving their bedrooms as a shrine that is left undisturbed just as it was when they left home.  I plan to sell and move from this house in 3-7 years from now.  While I'm still in it, I plan to take back this room and use it.

When #1 son left home for college he didn't leave behind much for me to deal with.  He got the "cleaning bug" when he hit 14 or so, and he kept his room quite clean and tidy.  He is also not a "saver" so he regularly threw or gave away old stuff he no longer wanted/needed.
When he left home, I gathered his belongings he didn't take with him and fit them into the bedroom closet, all nice and tidy.
Then Hubs moved in his massive collection of books and it became a study.   There's a futon in the closet that #1 son can roll out for sleeping when he is home.

#1 son's sister on the other hand IS a saver.
She is such a saver that I was compelled to go on Facebook yesterday and post about it.  This is what ensued....

Attention Holly Caroline Arcure>After cleaning out your dresser I have decided that you are NOT allowed to EVER call me a Hoarder again.
· · Tuesday at 10:55am

    • Holly Caroline Arcure Chut up, mom. i needed all those things!
      Tuesday at 11:28am ·

    • Denise Arcure When confronted by the psychologist, that's what all the Hoarders say on those
      Tuesday at 12:07pm · · 1 personLoading...

    • Sonya Mott Laughing
      Tuesday at 12:22pm ·

      And to legitimize my claim, here is a shot of her bed with everything I pulled out of ONE of her dressers. You will note that there is NO CLOTHING in this shot...

      And this doesn't include what was ON TOP of the dresser!

      Here is what the top of the card table she was using as a desk looked like.....

      The card table is black under all the layers of dust there.

      And here is what the wall behind the card table looks like......

      There is a mysterious black/brown stain where was once a newly painted wall 4 years ago.

      If you are reading this daughter, you have some cleaning and repainting to do when you come home for break.

      For now, the dresser I just cleaned out will be moved to in front of this wall so I don't have to look at it for the next 3 months.

      I have just begun to dig out in there.  There is a very long closet with crap filling it too.

      In conjunction with the bedroom clean out I have undertaken a bathroom cabinet clean out too but more on that later.

      I am sorry if you are embarrassed by this post Daughter.  But after all the ribbing you do on me about being a hoarder, and all the picking on your little brother you do about his room being a pigsty you deserve at least this.



  1. I am starting my daughters room tomorrow....and believe me hers is just as bad


  2. Girls are so messy. All my boys share a room and their room is cleaner than Claire's. Honestly I don't know how she does this but I guess maybe she's just a girl and they're all this way.
    Sluggy, way to stick it to your daughter!

  3. I was a part of the fight!YAY
    You have your work cut out for you. We should all pray for you.

  4. Judy--I will pray for We want to see pictures gosh darn it! ;-)

    Mark--I don't think it's a strictly girl thing, the messiness. I was a very neat kid. It's more a lazy thing.

    SonyaAnn--Of course you were right in the middle of it! Don't you have a hand in all fights?lol
    Don't just pray, come over and help me!! Bring the biggest shovel you

  5. Oh, the hours/days/weeks I spent on son's room after he moved out. What a mess - soooo much stuff, soooo many petrified banana peels behind the bed. Soooo gross! Best of luck to you on this new project!!

  6. Pretty--Oh, you'll be seeing updates. I have also started attacking #2 son's room. I figure while I'm at it just adopt a "scorched earth" policy, ya know?lol


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