Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stockpile Sale Addendum

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, that I piled all those cukes from my garden....remember these?....

I piled them into a box and I tried to give them away at the Stockpile Sale as a thank you for shopping with us gift-No Purchase Necessary!

I gave about 6 cukes away in that manner during the first couple of hours. 

Then I offered cukes to a couple and the man tried to take 1, to which the woman yelled at him to put that cuke back because her dad had some at home to give them. 
Well he retorted back that he wanted a couple because he planned on making pickles, so there!

I told him, "You go for it....I've been making pickles with them myself". 
So he took 2.

And then, as he was walking down the driveway to leave, he stopped and turned and came back to the box and said he'd take another if I didn't mind.
To which, I replied, "Take the whole box if you want!"
And he did.

And he paused at the bottom of the driveway after leaving, turned and waved the box in the air, yelled THANKS! again, and gave out a 'whoop' of joy.

I have never seen a man so excited about a cucumber!
And y'all with your minds in the gutter of that thought, just keep it to yourselves.....



  1. I have not put a date, time, or address on my yard sale sign in about 40 years. There is only a crudely drawn and boldly blackened ---> or a <---....People know it is a yardsale. For awhile, one woman came to my two or three times yearly sale to get my son's clothes for her son. At one point, I was on a major hwy. Two years later and even now, I am three blocks from the same hwy and one block west. So, the customers who return are aware. I suppose that the large taxi cab yellow signs with the BLACK arrow are a clue that something is happening.

  2. What thought? I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. m.

  3. Shane gets excited about anything pickled. That's why I try keep a drink in my hand at all times.

  4. PracticalP--Sounds like you have a great location for a yard sale.

    Mark--Of course you don't darling. 8-)



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