Thursday, December 12, 2019

SAK, Amy, JRE, R's Rue and "Unknown", Please email me!

In regards to the current Giveaways, I now have EIGHT entries sitting in moderation that I can't validate and put through yet.

I either don't have any contact information on them-that would be "SAK", "JRE" , "R's Rue"and "Amy", or they included no name or email in their entry and it's coming up as Blogger User "Unknown".

Please would these folks email me privately so I can approve your entries.  If you entered under "Unknown" you need to tell me also what you said in your entry(or paraphrase it)so I know which "Unknown" is you.(There are 4 so far.)

You've got until Sunday to fix your entries.  I hate to have to disqualify anyone but if I don't know who you are and how to contact you I will have to.



  1. I am unknown to most of the world, but I am famous to you....miss you

  2. You can add them all under Jen G. Dexter the cat wants to steal some new hair bands. 😁

    Jen G. (But pretty obvious who posted.)


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