Friday, December 20, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the December 20th Edition

Here are the few frugal things that happened here at Chez Sluggy this past week...........

*  I used BC to buy 2 packs of Andes mints this past week at R-A as they were on sale for $1.99 a box.  I found this rebate form on a display at Weis(PMITA)Markets last week(there was a recipe attached to it as well).............

I've already sent for this rebate which will give me a $1.99 rebate on the purchase.  Not a big fan of mail-in rebates anymore but, Hey! Chocolate!! 8-)))

*  I found money!

This penny was found at the liquor store last Friday when I went to buy booze for a friend's gift basket.
Who says being a drunk isn't lucrative? lolz

This quarter was half tucked under the floor mat at the register in Rite-Aid also on Friday.

And this penny was also found at Rite-Aid last Friday somewhere in the aisles(don't remember where).

Balthasar here was also found at Rite-Aid on the floor mat in front of register #1 on Wednesday.....

His buddies, Melchior and Gaspar were over in front of register #3.
That makes .30¢ for the week in free money.

*  Speaking of free, I got the Weis Freebie last Friday.........

A pack of paper napkins.  Always a useful freebie.

*  I got .10¢ from Ibotta last week.  They said I bought "any cookies" somewhere with a linked loyalty card.  I didn't buy cookies, "any" or otherwise cookies. ;-)

*  I finally got my $5 SavingStar rebate for "spending" $29 on Coty branded fragrance sets.  Boy was that a clusterf**k!  I bought 1 set on 11/28 and 2 sets of 11/30.  I got the 11/28 set credited automatically but the 11/30 ones didn't go through so I had to contact them, sent upc and receipt photos for the 11/30 purchases.  So they give me the credit for those 2 sets but took away the credit for the 1 set on 11/28 that was automatically credited so then I had to send all the documentation for that one as well. ugh.  It's all good now and I've got the $5. yay!

*  There was an unexpected discount grocery trip to Central PA...........

just some of the stuff we bought for a total of $56.53 spent OOP on groceries that would have run me $170.49 around here at regular retail price.
PS-We will be going back there! 8-)))

Other than having all my Christmas shopping done so I don't have to pay for Overnight Shipping because I waited to order something the last minute online that's all I can think of.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week leading into Christmas?
Tell us all about it!



  1. I'm still waiting on a final delivery to the drop off spot and have an order to pick up-but it's paid. I love the Andes mints. They feel so indulgent but the individual wrapping gives nice portion control

  2. Hey great on the money finds. I need to get out more.

  3. Shop'n Save had butter at $1/lb. (limit 2) on an e-coupon. Normally I don't do e-coupons because I don't have a smartphone, but theirs load to their loyalty card, which I did on the computer. I put the butter in the freezer for future baking.

  4. I’ve never worked in an academic department before but apparently custom is to collect cash from faculty and give it to the staff. It was super awkward but I was presented with $200 cash and a $35 visa gift card. The cash covered a vet bill with $20 left over so no actual out of pocket spending this week. And Beavis the cat no longer has a snaggle tooth!

    Jen G.

  5. 12-packs of Cokes at Publix came to $3.13 with buy 2 get two free. I still have Cokes left, but they have Caffeine in them, so I may just give them away. Granny Smith Apples were $0.99/lb, Other stores were $1.99/lb.

  6. How neat that you found a rebate on the Andes mints. I bought some at Target this week. They had cherry and toffee flavored, which I had never seen before.
    Those napkins were a nice freebie. We found some marked down meat this week at Ingles. We were completely out of ground beef,, so it was nice to stock up.

    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, Sluggy. Thank you so much for the Christmas card you sent to us. :)

  7. For the most part I stayed out of the grocery stores and that kept more money in my pocket.

    I haven't found any money laying around yet, but I keep looking!!

  8. Finding coins is still a good sign in my book !


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