Saturday, May 15, 2021

Frugal Friday....the May 14th Edition on Saturday

 Frugal wins this past week, May 7th to May 13th........

*  Well it was bound to happen.  While on vacation we hit an Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!).  So as soon as I got home I got a 15% off flyer in the mail. lolz  Potential savings for my next trip to Ollie's?  Perhaps....

*  Hubs and I went to Target last weekend to do the Spend $20/Get $5 Gift Card deal, as well as pick up a few items to finish my Ibotta Weekend Bonus.  The trip turned into a clusterfuck!
Since my knee was messed up I took advantage of those electric shopping carts rather than keep walking on it and let me tell you it was great!  The problem came when I went to check out as I used a self-checkout.  The employee working that area saw me in that electric shopping cart and came right off to give me "assistance" which I didn't need.  I guess she figured I was a doddering old lady so she took over scanning my items and must have had 5 Red Bulls that morning because she was moving like "The Flash", pushing buttons and ringing stuff up before I could do my coupons, etc.  I was dizzy and wondering what just happened and ended up using all my free gift cards to pay that were in my Target wallet and then OWED another $6.07.
So we went over to the customer service desk to hash these mangled transactions out.

These(except for the chocolate bar)were my 2 Spend $20/Get $5 GC transactions.  Total before Q was $44.33(excluding the chocolate).  I had $6 in digital Qs and I had $8 in  paper Qs that I didn't get to use so I got back $8 in cash at the desk.  I also got $12 in Ibotta rebates(should have been $16 but the Banana Boat rebates disappeared from my account before I got home and submitted the receipt. sigh
And $10 in Target gift cards was received so it "cost" me $8.33 in gift cards(or was suppose to).

Then the steaks......I found 2 discounted nice steaks which were BOGO50% off and had $5 off peelie Qs on them.  I had rung one up before the Red Bull employee came over and just took over my checking out process.  Not only had she not deducted that $10 off my bill but she rang up 1 of those steaks again so the receipt said I bought 3 steaks but clearly only two were in my bag.  So I got another $10 in cash for those 2 coupons and a $8.87 Target gift card as that was the price the phantom 3rd steak rang up and I had used gift cards to pay so I got that overcharge back on a new gift card.
I will still keep that $6.07 in cash I "spent" on my grocery tracking since the $18 total in post coupon cash went into my envelope for that and will be added back into the food budget at the end of the year and I'll account for the $8.87 gift card whenever I used it in the future.  Good times, good time! lol

*  I found money!

A penny on Friday when I went to Rite-Aid for an Rx.

This dime at the same R-A on Saturday when I did some "bringing stuff home from the store".

Another dime later that same day at Weis(PMITA)Markets when I went to get the freebie on Ibotta-Artisan Flatbread.  It was lying in the middle of the floor in the self-checkout area.

There was this penny near the register at the R-A I call the "Clueless Store".  Both times now when I have presented one of those "Spend $50/Get $15 back in BC" Qs it hasn't worked because they didn't scan it.  As a result I have now $30 in cash instead of Bonus Cash for their ineptitude.  Would rather have it in cash anyway and now I also have a nice shiny penny too! ;-)

I found both this dime and penny in the parking lot at the "Suspicious Rite-Aid".  I don't enjoy going there since it's the furthest R-A away that I frequent but I go there because it's a LARGE store and I can find stuff there I can't find at other R-As plus it's super clean.  Except the parking lot has money in it. lolz  I call it the "Suspicious Store" because the cashiers inspect every coupon you try to use and if you end up getting back more BC than you spend they will go over your receipt like it's Nazi Germany and you are presenting your papers for inspection.  What one has to do sometimes to beat the system.....

Total Change Found This Week.... .33¢
Total Change Found This Year......$3.72

*  Hubs and I hit the Produce Outlet on Wednesday and got fresh produce(10 lbs taters, 2.5 lb. squash, 2 lb. strawberries, 1 lb. carrots, etc.), canned OJ, a 2 lb bag of frozen veggies, 2 packs of bacon, 1 lb. of frozen salmon, a pack of creamed spinach, 4 pot pies, a bag of lettuce, a huge can of corn, a lb. of Whole Foods dried cranberries and a WF chocolate brioche plus 2 other items I can't identify from the receipt for $30.41.  I figure it's all more than 50% off regular retail at Whole Foods or Weis or whatever other retail grocer around here(not that we have a Whole Foods within 100 miles of us).  We got great value for that $30.41.

That's about it this week other than all my Rite-Aid hauls which I'll talk about later this weekend.  There were 4 different Spend $50/Get $15 Bonus Cash codes again this sales week.  Yum!

What frugal wins did y'all have lately!?



  1. The hated box box store will not help me at all! I cannot sit on the cart and reach the buttons or anything which means I have to try to get off the cart and stand and bend a lot which hurts. I cannot pick up anything that has any weight. So, I just give up and go to the register. However, I do hate when the cashier rings up things so fast. Half the time, they don't listen. That is why I have a can of food bent almost in half with a dent across the seam that I will return because I said, "I don't want to buy this because it is dented," and handed it to her instead of leaving it on the belt.

  2. I know What you mean about the speed. I call them turbo staff. It's a good time to stock up on sun screen.

  3. Good cheap stuff!
    I will think of you when this happens to me.

  4. I have given up on complicated transactions, because mine almost always turn into a cluster, & I don't have your patience. I did have both pico de gallo & strawberries on my shopping list yesterday, and was very excited to see an iBotta Costco offer for both, which is super rare. iBotta added in a $.15 weekend completion offer, so I'm just raking it in over here. ;-)


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