Saturday, December 14, 2019

Other Rite-Aid Shopping Since Last Saturday

Last Friday I checked out a different Rite-Aid for more Shea Moisture moneymakers/freebies but it was not to be but I did find this stuff and I spent down BC on daughter's card.........

The Head and Shoulders was on clearance 50% off plus had a $1 R-A peelie Q on it making that shampoo $2.64.  Good thing because I didn't have a ManuQ.

I did have a $3.50/2 Q that had printed on a previous receipt for the Herbal Essence and that variety was also on clearance 50% off so both bottles were $3.48 total.

The R/S chocolates were on sale for $4.99 each, I had a $1/2 ManuQ and 1 gave back $1 in BC so $3.99 each after all that.

The fig bars were .30¢ after 20% Wellness Disc. and the .50¢ Instant Savings Peelie.($1-.20¢-.50¢=.30¢)
The dog toy was also in the $1 section and was .80¢ after my 20% Wellness Disc.

The best thing were the Reese's cookie center cups and Dove milk chocolate choccies.  Both were on clearance for .59¢ ea. AND had .50¢ peelie Qs on them so .09¢ each!
Besides the Qs noted above I also have a $3 wyspend $20 RAQ.
$32.22-$18Qs=$14.22+.24¢tax=$14.46 spend in Bonus Cash.  I earned $1 BC back for the R/S chocolates.

On Saturday Hubs and I went for a ride to a town South of here and I hit another Rite-Aid and found some Shea Moisture and Nexxus.......

The Nexxus were on clearance $9.99 ea.  I used 2 x $5/1 Nexxus IPQs so paid $9.98+.60¢tax=$10.58 in BC and earned back $10 in new BC.
The soaps were $5.19 ea. with Wellness $10.38+.63¢tax=$11.01 using BC.  I earned my last $10 wyb 2 Nexxus/Shea Moisture BC.

Then on Monday this week I bought this at my Rite-Aid using a $2 wysp$15 Q on daughter's card.........

These Axe body washes were on clearance for $2.89, the coffee on sale for 5.99 and I had a $4/1 Q that printed on a previous receipt and I bought the Suave body wash(also 50% off)to reach $15 spent so I could use that $2/$15 Q.
Total spent was $10.33 of Bonus Cash and I now have $9.67 BC left on this card.

And on Wednesday I got this stuff here on my card.......

4 x Clairol root touch-up dyes w/30% discount(better than the sale price of $7.50)=$24.60 +.88¢tax=$25.82.  I also used 2 x $5/2 Clairol Qs so paid $14.82 in Bonus Cash.
The 30% Q was printed from their website(a swipe and save Q) The Q is HERE.

I then submitted for a $10 prepaid Visa for spending $20(before Qs)on Clairol/CoverGirl HERE.
Today is the last day to do this Visa reward deal at Rite-Aid.

So after that $10 reward I "spent" $4.82 for 4 boxes of hair color and was able to convert $10 of BC into a prepaid Visa card.

Next week I need to spend down most of the $48 in Bonus Cash on my son's card which has a $6 wyspend $30 Q attached to that account as well.  It's not a good week next week for deals so it will take some thinking to figure out the most advantageous way to spend that BC.



  1. Wow look at you go, I love me a reeses.

  2. Score score score!! Especially the Reese’s!

  3. Nice score! Wish I'd known about the Clairol deal, cause I made a RA trip on Saturday to use my points before they expire.


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