Friday, December 6, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the December 6th Edition

Here's what qualified as frugal in my world this past week....................

*  I got the Weis(PMITA)Markets Freebie last Friday--

A large 24 oz. bottle of salad dressing.  I got this for Hubs as he loves Blue Cheese dressing and it's something I rarely buy.  Maybe I should put it in his Christmas stocking? lolz

*  I printed out a $5 Coupon that a local brewery sends me.  These get sent about every month.  I gave it to Hubs so he can get a growler fill there for $5 less than he usually pays.

*  I got lots of goodies at Rite-Aid last Friday and Saturday during the Black Friday sale........

This isn't counting Thursday's haul and it was all with no OOP.

*  I went out yesterday and hit some more Rite-Aids to do the Nexus/Shea Moisture Deal.
Here's what I found on Tuesday.....

 2 tubes of Body Butter.

And here's what I got on Thursday..........

2 bottles of Body Wash and 8 bars of Soap.
I spent $55.43 in Bonus Cash and earned $60 back in new Bonus Cash so it was all free!

* I found money!

2 pennies at the Burger King drive-thru last Friday.

A nickel at Weis in one of the center aisles last Friday.

A dime right in front of the register counter at Rite-Aid on Tuesday.

2 Dimes by my favorite self-checkout at Weis on Wednesday.  Who ever loads the change into the checkout machine there isn't very careful getting the coins into the hopper.  Generally the days I see empty coin rolls in the little trash can by the machine I can find a coin or two.  ;-)

This penny was found at Dollar Tree on Thursday in the checkout lane.  I needed some birthday cards and wedding wrap so that put me in the right spot to pick this beauty up.

Again on Thursday I was in the R-A downtown hunting free SheaMoisture stuff and spied this penny near an end cap display.

That makes a Grand Total this week of .39¢ free money!

Oh, I also found this(not money though)..........

A greeting card in the middle of the parking lot at Ocean State Job Lot.  Even though it was spitting snow the card hadn't been sitting there long and was in good shape still.  I picked it up and looked around to see if any was in the lot(either outside their car getting in or sitting in a car ready to leave)so I could ask if anyone dropped the card but there was no human activity in the parking lot.
I guess it got to go home with me as the owner was nowhere to be seen. ;-)

*  I sold something on eBay!

This rather pricey Fitz and Floyd Xmas themed picture frame was a gift to me many years ago from a friend from Canada who use to visit me so she could go shopping in the US.  Her mom and her had eBay business where they picked up stuff like this along with other brands from a wholesale distributor in Canada and sold them.  I haven't heard from this friend in many years also.

I've never taken this gift out of the box to use and found it sitting in a box of Xmas things so put it up for sale as it's discontinued by the manufacturer......and it sold!
Something else de-cluttered from my house and a little money in my pocket besides. 8-)

*  Hubs and I didn't eat out at all this past week.....well except for that small burger at BK, while I was running errands, which I paid for with a gift card. ;-)

*  I earned $25.65 in cash rebates on Ibotta this past week.
Mostly it was from things I bought at R-A during the Black Friday sales but there was $2.50 of it earned from Weis.

*  Speaking of Weis I bought these jars of pasta sauce last Friday there............

5 jars where on sale for .99¢ each if you bought at least 4 at a time.
There was a .50¢ rebate on Ibotta on this brand so each jar ended up costing me .49¢.  We don't care for this brand though so I'll either send these to the local Food Bank or put them into my brother in-law's basket of food I give him each Christmas. ;-)

*  I went to Ocean State Job Lot(to pick up a couple of Xmas presents)and found some foods on the "Eat For Free" table to buy...........

1 x bottle of Sunflower Oil
1 x bag of matcha mochi cookies
1 x box chamomile tea bags
1 x jar barbecue sauce
1 x jar curry sauce
2 x bottles of coconut water
2 x packets of curry sauce mix
2 x Slim-fast meal replacement drinks

$26.95 spent and $26.95 earned on a gift card.
I also cashed in some free gift card points.  I bought 2 packets of Chinese soup, $11.55 in dog treats for the puppies and $9.99 spent on a gift for Hubs for Xmas.  So what I spent on gift cards I didn't use it all on food items but I'm ok with that.
I still have $62.97 on my old gift card plus a new $26.95 gift card.

* I did do some Cyber Monday shopping.  I had a $10 reward for a clothing company that was expiring Dec. 6th and they had everything in their store 50% off on Monday so I bought a few shirts and will take the cost of it all out of my accumulated WAM.  I also needed new bras and found the best price on Kohl's so I combined that purchase with a couple of Xmas gifts and bought them all on Kohl's.  I used coupon codes and $50 in gift cards so ending up paying $5.56 in cash.  I earned $15 in Kohl's Cash so I used that on Wednesday to buy another Xmas gift, using coupon codes again and a free shipping offer which brought my OOP to just over $60.  I went through the ShopatHome portal so earned 4% back in rebates on all the Kohl's purchases(about $4 total).  $4 isn't much but every little bit helps! ;-)

Ok that's all I can think of from last week.

As always stay frugal and tell us the frugal wins you had last week! 8-)))



  1. Oh I wish I had time to shop and look for bargains. I miss you so much it hurts.

  2. With my potential Amazon thief, I now am less likely to shop on line. I'm waiting for a delivery and hope it comes, but now I have to replace the stolen item. The Shea butter deals-truly good ones. old weather makes that a great gift.

  3. Well done - finding money and getting deals, you are still the Queen! We were travelling on black friday and still managed to snag a few deals when we got home since they all seem to run the deals for 3 or 4 days. Hubby bought 3 pairs of pants (same brand every year) on half price which he desperately needed and we got my stepsons xmas gift which we were waiting for black friday to buy. All online though, I wouldn't dream of stepping in a store for it. I don't love shopping except the thrift kind.

  4. That Shea Moisture body wash and body butter is wonderful. You got a great deal! Teddie

  5. Yeah for the Shea Moisture!! That is a fantastic deal!!! Not much on deals here. Just staying on budget.

  6. oh I wish we had coupons downunder! no great deals this week but I did get a dozen eggs for free


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