Sunday, December 1, 2019

Black Friday Sale at Rite-Aid....How Did I Do?

So I finally had time to go through all my Rite-Aid loot this morning.
I took photos of it all, one photo per day's shopping.

This is Thursday's haul.........

Thursday I restricted my buying to my local store.

Friday's haul............

Friday I hit my local store and a store on the other side of the river in another town with Hubs.

And Saturday's haul.............

Saturday saw me hit 3 stores down the valley and then a final couple of transactions at my local store.

Total Tally of Goodies........with cost per item which was paid for in BC or gift card(* denotes freebies)

26 boxes of Kleenex(*)
4 Conair hair brushes(*)
4 Scunci hair elastics(*)
4 Gift Tape rolls(*)
2 Magnavox ear buds(*)
1 Crest toothpaste(*)
8 Russell Stover Xmas chocolates(*)
7 Colgate toothpaste(5 -.50¢/2 *)
10 Nestle candy bars(8 */2 .50¢ ea)
14 Betadine cream(-$3.50 ea MM)
12 pack of Listerine Ready Tabs(.42¢ pack)
19 bars of Yardley soap(.42¢ ea)
12 Kokie nail polish(.49¢ ea.)
2 tins of Butter Cookies(.50¢ ea)
3 Carmex lip balm(.60¢ tube)
2 Dentek floss picks(.60¢ pack)
6 cans of Almonds(.75¢ can)
4 packs of Cosmetic pads(.89¢ ea)
2 Efferdent denture tablets($1.00 ea)
2 Duracell battery packs($1.00 ea)
30 Freeman beauty masks($1.02 ea)
10 bottles of Nivea lotion($1.49 bottle)
2 packs of toilet paper($1.50 pack)
3 boxes of Cereal($1.71 ea)
6 Salonpas pain patches($2.00 ea)
2 Oral-B tongue scrapers($2.00 ea)
1 FDS feminine spray($2.00)
3 Yes To wipe packs($2.10 ea)
10 Assorted Shampoo($2.04 ea)-not counting PandG Rebate
2 3-packs of Planters nuts($2.49)
5 bags of Coffee($2.49 bag)
2 bags of Russell Stover chocolates($2.99)
4 bags of Dog Food($2.99 ea)
2 Beard Trimmers($4.99 ea)
1 Hair Dryer($4.99)
1 Curling Iron($4.99)
3 Cologne gift sets($10.32 ea)

I also got another $20 total off with "Spend $XX/Get $X Off Catalinas" used on 5 transactions.

I earned $80 in $10 Rite-Aid gift cards for buying "Beauty Reward" qualifying items(2 gift cards per account/card).  I still need to cash in 2 of the Reward Qs since my store ran out of Rite-Aid gift cards on Saturday. lolz

I've earned $11.45 so far on Ibotta and if some of the items return to my list in time I can send for more rebates($11.00 more but I figure they won't all reset in time).
I've earned $8 on SavingStar too and $2 on Checkout51.

I also had to do a "post coupon" twice totaling $3.25(I forgot a Q in one transaction and the other case at a store with an idiot cashier who wouldn't take a second of the same Q(buying 2 items)because she confused the wording "one coupon per purchase/item" with "one coupon per transaction" and wouldn't even scan it. ugh.

Gift Card Spent..................$39.11
Bonus Cash Spent............$424.78
Total Spent BC/GC..........$463.89
Reg. Retail of Items.......$1050.59

Bonus Cash Left.........................$118.52
Rite-Aid Gift Cards Earned.........$80.00
Cash Rebates Earned(so far)........$25.05($6.50 left to submit for)
Post Coupon Cash back.................$3.25

So I didn't start the week with $424.78 in Bonus Cash but by buying items that gave back BC I rolled lots of BC those 3 days..  I also had earned some BC from buying Gift Cards(which gave BC)but they were Gift Cards I would have bought anyway. ;-)

The best thing were the Conair appliances...$14.99 in the BF ad and was suppose to give back $5 BC but in reality they gave back $10(2 x $5)so only "cost" $4.99 after BC.
Those Betadine creams were a Nov. monthly deal that gave back $3.50 BC for each one(limit 4).  There was a PDF Q for it $2/1 online.  If your store had 5 of them(and you printed off 5 Qs)they were a moneymaker for BF 5 for $10($2 each), use 5 x $2/1Q, paid ZERO and get back $14 in BC.
Crazy!!!  But of course I went to 5 different stores and 4 of the stores only had 3 boxes and 1 store didn't carry that item.  I paired them best I could with either FDS spray, Efferdent tablets, or tongue scrapers and each grouping was a moneymaker no matter what.

I also hit $75 for the year spent on Allergy items with a Kleenex purchase so I got an extra $20 BC reward on that transaction.

It wasn't a perfect plan execution however and mistakes were made.
I was trying to limit my purchases per day to how ever much BC was on that card but with items that gave back the most BC so I could roll BC into the next day's shopping.  A few times I had to use some of my free R-A gift card to pay when BC wouldn't cover the transaction.

I didn't max out a few BC deals I wanted to and when stores ran low or out of certain items I had to improvise.
I was limited by the coupons I had in hand plus some L2CQs refused to come off when I tried to use them.
Plus I used a lesser value Q on some things by mistake so I lost a bit of ground there.

And the dog food....I thought they qualified for an Ibotta rebate but the bags were 8 oz. too light.(Rebate was for 4-14 lb. bags and my bags were 3.5 lbs.  If I had scanned them in the store first I would have known that.  They were still a good deal just not a great deal because of that.) meh.

All in all I am happy with the result.  Even though over the years Rite-Aid has gotten stingier and stingier with the Black Friday deals I feel I did well in taking advantage of the offers I wanted.
I brought home some gifts to give, some household items we can always use(looking at you TP and facial Tissues!)some food items we use(nuts, coffee and doggie kibble), some donation items, as well as a load of goodies for Sluggy's Boring Blog Giveaway Boxes in 2020.

Now I just have to figure out how to spend down/roll/convert that $118.52 in Bonus Cash before the end of December when it all expires.



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