Monday, December 16, 2019

And The Giveaway Winners Are.........

December Giveaway #1, the winner is..........


I have never one but would love love the first one! Christmas is my favorite and this year is about low cost experiences with ones I love!

Congratulations SAK!  Please email me your full name and mailing address and let me know which box to send you.

Decmber Giveaway #2, the winner is..........

I like all the food at parties that is homemade that I dont have to cook, that is my favorite part of Christmas.

Congratulations Sunrigs!  Please email me your full name and mailing address and I'll send whichever box SAK doesn't choose your way.

Both winners have 48 hours from the time stamp when this posting goes live to get back to me.  After that I'll pick a new winner/winners if I they don't claim their prizes in time

Ok, I am off to do more wrapping and such.  Santa is very busy this week at my house! lolz



  1. Wow! Thank you! Just emailed you my info.


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