Saturday, November 16, 2019

Using My Assets on Grocery Shopping & Thanksgiving Shopping

As I have said before I have various gift cards to deploy from now until the end of 2019 to get my grocery spending lower.

$12 HeartGuard prepaid card
$15 P&G prepaid Visa
$15 in free Target gift cards
$261.23 in reduced price Target gift cards
$25 Shursave gift card
$89.69 in Ocean State Job Lot free gift cards
That's $159.69 in free and $261.23 in discount chits.

So on Friday I went to Weis to do a few deals and pick up Turkey day essentials.
Here is what I bought..............

2 x Pepperidge Farm stuffing
4 x Swanson broth/stock
4 x Campbell's soup
5 x Weis canned veggies
2 x Hanover Charro Beans
1 x Weis pie crusts
2 x Domino golden sugar bags
1 x Weis paper plates
8.5 lbs. sweet potatoes

Total before sales/coupons/instant savings........$51.65
Total after sales/couopon/instant savings..........$19.03
I deployed THE $12 Heart Guard prepaid card so my OOP was only $7.03

Nice. 8-)))

The PF/Swanson/Campbell's(2 of the soups only)was "Spend $15/Get $5 Off" Deal so $7 after sales/Qs/Instant Sav.  The other 2 soups were .60¢ can after sale/Q.
The Weis veggies were .47¢ per can if you bought 5.  The Hanover beans were on clearance for .75¢ each.  The sugar was .49¢ per bag after sale/Qs.  The paper plates were the freebie item and the sweet taters were finally down to .49¢ per lb. so I stocked up on those.

I see that Target is going to have their "Spend $50 on Food/Beverage, Get a $10 Gift Card" Deal on Nov. 23 and 24th(Sat. and Sun. of next week)only.  There is also a $5 gift card when you buy $20 Frito-Lay/Pepsi products deal that you can stack with the $50/$10 Deal(if you use that sort of thing)to make your Target chits go a little further.

I peered down into the black hole of the chest freezer last weekend and found that I have 2 hotel turkey breasts in it's depths.  So those will be served for Turkey Day along with the usual sides instead of a whole turkey.  I also have a whole eye of round in the freezer so the meat for Xmas dinner is accounted for and I don't need to buy a fancy cut of beef or a ham for that meal.

I will be getting a free turkey(which will take up the space of those 2 turkey breasts)at Weis as I have over 400 points now.  I haven't bought $400 worth of stuff during the time frame that counts but I have done a feedback survey once a week which gives me 100 points each time so 3 surveys and the limited Wes shopping got me to the freebie. ;-)

The sweet potatoes, some stock, some soup, stuffing and pie crusts from this shopping trip were for Thanksgiving(ok, not ALL those sweet potatoes lol)so the only "needs" on the Turkey day list now are celery and rutabagas.  I'll pick those up closer to Turkey Day.

How's your Turkey Day shopping going?



  1. I really have not thought much about Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to my cousin's. We have to talk about the menu. I am kicking some money towards the dinner, and will probably head up there early on Thanksgiving morning. I will have to come back the next morning (the homework never ends) but it will be fun!

  2. So far, the Pig is the only place I have found bargains I want or need.

  3. This year we are going to the in-laws. i am bringing cornbread stuffing and BOGO pies from Publix.

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  5. That's some great grocery shopping! I'm amazed by how many gcs you have. Gotta love those discounted Target gcs. I buy them every year too.

  6. we decided to not do thanksgiving to save ourselves the time, money and the calories.

  7. Good deal on getting a free turkey by doing the surveys, can't beat that!

  8. Wow that is great that you can take surveys and the points count towards a free turkey.

  9. I love that you took surveys to get a free turkey.


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