Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Random Stuff That Makes You Go "Huh?"

Just some random stuff in Sluggy's World not worth a whole post but still a tidbit(or should that be a "Timbit"?)worth mentioning.
It's stuff that riles me up or catches my eye or gets my brain humming.
I cleaned off my desk(Don't faint now!?!)and cleaned out the photos in my camera/phone and unearthed some gems so let's get to it!

*  The number of solicitations in the mail is still going strong for folks who want to get their hands on "managing" our retirement monies.

This one which came in a couple of months ago was addressed to me personally(although Hubs' name only is on all the work accounts that were set up).  This clown must have bought a list with our personal bank account info on it.
I now refer to these unsolicited offers as "The Sharks"(or you could refer to them as Vultures)......there is blood(money)in the water and they are circling for the kill(take your money in fees).  Just keep saying, "They only want what is best for me......". *snort*

* Back in September my Daughter and her Finacé sent out wedding invitations.

The one for Ex-College Boy arrived on September 14th I believe so 2 days after being mailed.
Here is when they were mailed, including the invite for Hubs and I...........

So guess how long it took our invite from being mailed/postmarked to when it arrived from Louisiana?

2 WEEKS!!  We got our invitation in the mail just barely before September ended.
There is a reason I refer to that state as "Lousyana". lolz
The good times are always rolling there and it gets in the way of conducting business in a normal time frame for most of the rest of the country. *snort*
But "Drive-Thru Frozen Dauqiris"?  They are the best at that! lolz

*  When I was going to go on Humira for my HS the company has an "Ambassador"(a nurse who works for the company)come to your house to talk to you about the drugs and to instruct you on how to inject yourself.  Having had a DVT back in 2013 and being on Coumadin then I knew already how to inject a drug into myself.  I got semi monthly allergy shots as a child so I am not squeamish about needles, so I was an easy patient for my "Ambassador".
Part of the Humira program(besides the card that takes my co-pay from $50 to $5(yah!)they provide you with a sharps container to properly dispose of the needles too.

On the lid of that container was this according of paper...........

You gotta love them for trying!lolz
Wouldn't feeling better physically be enough of a reward for giving yourself a shot of their drug?
No, you can only feel good about using this medication if you go spend money on yourself?
I just don't get it......

* And here's another fine tchotchke from the fine folks at the Bradford Exchange........

I don't care what you think of this POTUS and FLOTUS do you really need to shell out $129.99 + shipping and sales tax to have this 11 inch figurine sitting on a shelf gathering dust?
But it's a limited edition of 4 bazillion!!  Get one before they run out! 8-P
That $129.99 + shipping and sales tax IMHO could be better spent on so many other things............

* When Hubs and I went to the movies last, I found this on the changing table in my bathroom stall when I had to go potty myself(if potty works for the dogs as a term, it works for me)...........

Was this planted there just for me by some heavenly force?

Inside was a checklist of 17 items which could be the best basis for reaching Heaven.
Four I don't do now, but most I did as a child(and no longer do out of a religious obligation...some I do because I want to be a good, moral person).

I suppose the jury is still out on whether I'll go to Heaven(if there is a heaven.....there I go, questioning authority again!)

*  I was browsing around Kohl's last month trying to figure out how to spend that $5 in free money there and took a couple of pictures of useless crap...........

Doesn't everyone need a desk sign like this?
Usually folks who have one it means yes, it IS your problem, right? lolz

And they had this ginormous stuffed Sloth sitting in a ginormous gift box thing.  This was the best shot I could get taking a selfie with it.
I guess 2018 was the Year of the Llama but 2019 is the Year of the Sloth?
I wonder what unfashionable animal will be the Sales Mascot for 2020.........

*  And while cleaning out closets when we changed out/redid rooms this past Summer I found these........

The copy of the hospital charges when I had my Eldest son in 1991.
He cost $814.95.

My charges were $2,125.05.
This isn't what we paid, just the charges before insurance kicked in.

By comparison, 5 years later, my last child(Ex-CB)cost over $1,200 and my hospital charges for his birth were in excess of $8,400!
But then again, I had a C-section with him and we both had a 5 night vacation(hahaha)at the hospital too.

I guess that's all I have to say for now.
I probably won't post on Thursday as we have to go to Hershey(the town and Medical Center, not the amusement park)tomorrow for my HS clinic appointment.  Fun, fun.
So I'll be back on Friday.

Have a good some money, do something frugal and have some fun!



  1. Frugal--eat at home
    Fun--stay at home

    Isn't it helpful that people are so concerned about your money? sarcasm

  2. Funny I just found Daughter #2 bill it was $387.00 for the one night. I have no idea what mine was.

  3. Frugal or not, TheHub and I joined amc Alist for movies. I am overwhelmed with Mom and he is overwhelmed with work, so we decided to have 2 official dates each week. Looking at all options we decided since this is the time fro the really good movies to be released, we would join for the 3 month minimum. For 40 dollars a month with the potential for seeing 3 movies each week we decided it was a good Christmas gift to give each other. And yes we will cancel after the three months.

  4. I paid 25.00 for each of my two kids. Gotta love the military. Both were born off base and this was the flat fee. (they are 39 & 41 now and have cost a lot more since then - lol) My oldest is now approved for Humira - He has inflammatory arthritis in both legs and it is a 3 hour struggle for him to get himself up and showered and to work every day. So we are hoping this helps. They told him he would be disabled in a few years if they don't get it under control with the damage it has already done. Poor guy got all the health challenges on both sides of the family. The Humira was going to cost him over 5,000.00 a month for two shots since his insurance wouldn't cover it. So they got a grant from the company and they make him go in every two weeks to get the shot at the doctors office since they can't give him the shot to take home. Hoping it works for him. My mom set me a 25.00 check through her bank when I ordered some stuff through the internet for her and it finally came. Envelope looked great but the check inside was dated six weeks before I got it. Gotta love the mail. Take care. I enjoyed your last post so much. Laughing at all the craziness that people try to send us and tell us we should do. Take care.

  5. It's a shame you don't have a donate button! I'd certainly donate to this brilliant blog!

    I suppose for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding
    your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

  6. I am pretty sure anything from the Bradford exchange has never gone up in price ever. My friends Mom bought a bunch when she was young, now Mom is 80 and wants her to have them....she keeps telling her she has no interest in them. I see them all the time on Facebook bidding site going for a buck or two at best. When will people learn?

  7. Sorry just to add - even if you love Obama who the hell wants a weird figurine of him? (I happen to like him but that's just creepy)

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