Friday, September 6, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the September 6th Edition

Frugal Friday AGAIN!?!?
Yes please!
Let's do this........

*  Tomorrow I hope to turn all this into $$$..............

That's 7 Rubbermaid tubs + tote bags of toiletries I will attempt to sell at my Stockpile Sale on Saturday.  It's all now in the garage and I'll spend today setting everything up/out on the tables and then posting about it on the local sales sites.
Cross your fingers the weather forecast holds up and people show up and buy! 8-))

*  I found money just about everywhere I went last week(but I didn't go many places so there is that lol).

I found this quarter at Rite-Aid on Friday. It was shoved up under the candy rack/half under the floor mat in front of the second register counter.

After we left the farm where we picked peppers we hit Aldi.  Someone abandoned their shopping cart near the cart corral but more importantly they abandoned their quarter IN the cart slot. lolz

Then on Wellness Wednesday at Rite-Aid I found a penny under a candy rack by the door and then another penny back by the pharmacy counter.
.52¢ richer am I.

*  Hubs and I had lunch out on Tuesday at Denny's.  Had I known they no longer had the chicken salad sammy on their menu(it's been over a year since we've been to a Dennys') I would have insisted we go elsewhere to eat(as I didn't want breakfast food).
I had a burger and we used a $5 wys $20 Q.

*  When I went to the Pain Clinic on the 31st since I take opioids on occasion for my HS flare pain they asked me to be part of a research survey.
I earned this for 5 minutes worth of answering questions..........

*  Last Friday I got the Freebie at Weis(PMITA)Markets.....

*  I also got a few deals at Weis.......

Buy $15 worth of certain cleaner type things and get an instant $5 off.
These Finish tabs were $5 a bag and I had $2/1 ManuQs so it ws $15-$5 instant-$6Qs=$4.00 + .24¢ tax for all 3 bags.

When I went on Wednesday they had a bunch of new clearance in the canned meat aisle too.
We were getting low on tuna so I restocked the pantry. 8-)
The 4-pack of tuna was $2.99(50% off), the single cans of tuna were .83¢ each(50% off)and the large cans of chicken breast(10 oz. cans)were .75¢ a can! They were $2.50 and the register deducted .50¢ off each can and then $1.25 came off each can at the end. $2.50-.50¢-$1.25=.75¢ each!!!
I see lots of chicken salad in my future....... lolz

*  We needed a new mattress and frame/bed.  When Daughter changed her address with the local PO back in May they sent a packet here(she was long gone lolz)including this Wayfair 10% off coupon code.

There was also an Overstock % Q(our current king sized mattress and frame/bed came from there)but I didn't get the stuff ordered before that one expired. sigh
But I did get on the ball and get the items ordered(plus a new mattress for the daybed in Hubs' room)using this discount.  Two of the items were also on clearance plus this code saved me an additional $116+ so go me! ;-)

* Lots of Rite-Aid bounty this past week...........

All paid for with Bonus Cash plus a little bit on an old gift card.

*  Picked more of these.............

And turned them into this...........

I didn't pick any tomatoes this year at the farm like I did last year.  Between these jars, 6 jars from last year's harvest I still have, the fresh tomatoes I still need to turn into sauce here(stuff that's ripened since Wednesday)plus the canned tomatoes in the stockpile, along with the jars of ready-make sauce when I got a really good deal at the store, we are set.

*  I also got a deal at Kohl's on Labor Day.  There were 3 coupon codes that stacked plus I did store pick-up so no shipping charges.  I am still waiting for 4 items to show up at the store before I go pick it all up together and then I can show y'all what I got.
Nothing exciting really but I paid a fraction of the cost and it's stuff we can use. ;-)

*  But the best "deal" was this.......

19.61 lbs. of bell type peppers @ 65.¢ per lb.
Also got 2 large yellow squash and 6 ears of fresh corn for a total of $18.50.

That's about it from Chez Sluggy.

What frugal goodness happened in your world this past week?
Let us know all about it! 8-)



  1. Good luck on the sale. I hope you sell lots.

  2. You are a money finding magician. I have found nothing for weeks now.

  3. Good luck with the sale. Hope you make lots of cash!

    I love your peppers score! I'm a huge peppers fan. I made lasagna stuffed peppers (just spaghetti meat sauce inside peppers, topped with mozarella cheese) this week.

  4. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I've really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.
    After all I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write once more soon!

  5. I just brought home all the leftovers from a work event. 1.5 pizzas, full box of breadsticks and a bulk untouched salad bowl! Had to place a last minute order for someone out of the office. No one liked my artichoke pizzas so probably the last time they let me order. 😁

    Jen G.

  6. You are a money magnet. More tomatoes! Lots f luck at the sale.

  7. I found a penny and a nickel! Frugal - not really this week. BUT there was a terrific sale at my favorite store. Buy one, get one free. I stocked up on my favorite black bean pasta, grain cereal bars, canned tomatoes. I have been making salads to go when I go to school, so I have not bought much meat. I still have two huge chicken breasts to make for my salads. Along with hard boiled eggs.


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