Thursday, August 1, 2019

More Rite-Aid on Tuesday & Wednesday

On Tuesday  used that $3/$30 Q on Daughter's card buying this.......

3 x Tide detergent on sale=$17.97
6 x Pantene 'poo/conditioner on sale=$23.94

Coupons Used
1 x $3/wyspend $30 CatQ=$3.00
2 x $2/1 Tide detergent/pods ManQ=$4.00
1 x $2/1 Tide detergent L2CQ=$2.00
2 x $5/3 Pantene items ManQ=$10.00
Coupon Total............$19.00

$41.91-$19.00=$22.91+$1.38 tax=$24.29 paid for with Bonus Cash.

I earned back $20 in new BC($20 wyspend $40 on select P&G items)so spent down BC by $4.29.

The down side was the new cashier kept putting payment through before she took my Qs. ugh.  So we did this transaction THREE times(along with two voided transactions)to get it right. 8-)))

Then I did this on my card...........

2 x Allegra 30 ct. BOGO50%=$34.48
1 x Allegra kid's liquid 20% Wellness disc.=$11.03

Coupons Used
2 x $4/1 Allegra 24Hr 24ct. or larger ManQ=$8.00
1 x $4/1 Allegra kid's ManQ=$4.00
Coupon Total........$12.00

$45.51-$12.00=$33.51 paid for with all my BC + .75¢ off an old R-A gift card.
I earned back $10 in new Bonus Cash(spend $30/Get $10).

While not a great deal getting only $10 BC back on a $33.51 spend, this transaction was part of a triple dip however.
Besides the $10 in BC back, I also submitted for a $10 Rebate(which comes as a Paypal deposit)from Chattem, the manufacturer when you spend $30(after Qs/sale prices)on at least 2 Allegra items in a single transaction.
I got an email that my submission was successful later Tuesday saying my Paypal reward would be arriving in 1-2 weeks.
Wednesday morning I awoke to a Paypal email that my $10 payment was already in my account!

PLUS I got $45.51 in points toward the "Spend $75/Get $20 BC Rite-Aid Allergy Rewards" which runs all year.  This card is now up to $67.52 toward that BC Reward with only $7.48 let to spend to get that $20 BC.

Triple Dip--
*Bonus Cash
*Points toward more BC

Then on Wednesday I bought this on Son's card........

3 x Schick mens razors on sale $5.99=$17.97
1 x Schick ladies razors on sale=$5.99
4 x e.l.f. brushes 20% Wellness disc.=$3.20
1 x $4/1 Schick L2CQ came off so $23.16+$1.39 tax=$24.55 paid for in BC.

I earned $12 in new BC(2 x $3 Schick, 2 x $3 e.l.f.).

But here is the rest of this story...............

Another new cashier who is "push the payment button" happy.  I wanted to see if my $4/1Schick  L2CQ came off and she pushed the payment button without using my other 3 $4/1 Schick paper Qs so $24.55. sigh.
Then-GET THIS!-She looked at the 3 unused Qs and said, "Oh, these don't expire soon so you can use them next time.".
Imagine the look on my face at this point.......and me screaming in my head, "Bitch, I am using these Qs NOW!!!"
(BTW-the L2CQ did come off as you can see above.)

So we returned just the razors since there were no Qs used on the e.l.f. brushes.
Then I rebought the 4 razors and used 3 Qs, but now the L2CQ didn't come off(since it was "used" in the previous transaction).

So I pulled out a 4th $4/1 Schick Q after the transaction was finished and we did a "post coupon" and I got $4 in cash for it.
Again she didn't know how to do a post Q so luckily the manager was right there and showed her how to do one.

Plus when we returned the 4 razors the register told the cashier to refund me $24.55 in BC AND .85¢ in cash.
So I had $30.89 in Bonus Cash on this card BEFORE this transaction and ended up with $30.21 in Bonus Cash AFTER plus $4.85 Cash.

It's a head scratcher for sure! lolz
But any day I can walk out of a store with more BC and cash than I had when I walked in is a GOOD day.  ;-)

Then I bought this on Hubs card...........

3 x e.l.f. brushes $1, 20% Disc.=$2.40
1 x e.l.f. brush $2, 20% Disc.=$1.60
4 x Big Win candy bags on sale 2/$3=$6.00

No Qs were used so $10+.24¢ tax=$10.24 paid with Bonus Cash.
I earned back $9 in new BC(2 x $3 elf, 1 x $1 Big Win candy wyb4 weekly, 1 x $2 Big Win candy wyb4 monthly)so spent down my BC by $1.24 on this transaction.

I may venture into Rite-Aid again before Saturday night if I get an itch to.  Will update my R-A hijinx if I do.



  1. How on earth do you get into the messes and good fortune? Oh yeah, you go into RA. And, you are determined and clever. And, they aren't.

  2. Great deals Sluggy! Boy, there's never a dull moment at the

  3. YOu are so good at this.... wonder if they hate to see you coming? lol


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