Friday, August 16, 2019

Frugal Friday....the August 16th Edition

Here's what passed for frugal around Chez Sluggy this week...........

* Besides my usual trips to R-A, Weis and the Shursave market Hubs and I went to the movies.............

The movie theater near where Ex-College Boy works has $5.50 movies on Tuesday.

I love the caption on this display...."Think your family is weird?".
Well I KNOW Hubs' family is. lolz

I paid for the tickets then Hubs started pouting about getting popcorn and drinks since we didn't eat lunch before going.  I told him I bought the tickets with my WAM so he could use his WAM to eat/drink if he wanted it that badly.  When I go to the movies alone I NEVER buy food there and I guess he had forgotten that since the last movie we went to together was "Amelia" back in 2009(very bad movie that one!).
In the end Hubs passed on spending his WAM.

*  I got lots of goodies at Rite-Aid...........

Here's the pdf Rite-Aid released earlier this Summer of that Kokie Q.....

Remember only use 1 per transaction.

* I found money!

A dime in the foyer of Rite-Aid.  I found a dime before in this same location last week or so too!

Then I found a penny on that same trip to R-A, in the parking lot walking out of the store.

Then yesterday another penny, this time in the Shursave market near the Customer Service desk.

*  I did the "Eat for Free" Deal at Ocean State Job Lot this week........

I already posted about this.   $10.78 in food and a $10.78 gift card if I use it to buy food as well means I will have spent 50% less on each transaction(and I already saved money off of regular retail price too).

* The best deal at the stores this week was the Thursday Only Sale at the Shursave market......

New varieties of cold cereals were .99¢ a box but had a limit of 2.  I had $1/2 ManuQs so I hd to get two of the same variety so I got 2 boxes of blueberry Cheerios for Hubs' and it cost .98¢ for both.
I came home with his Cheerios and told him my sad tale of woe about not being able to get MY cereal of choice and he went up there and got 2 boxes of Peanut Butter Chex and used another $1/2 Q I had for the Chex.  4 boxes of cereal for $1.99 total OOP or .48¢ per box.

*  I've picked three more tomatoes from the garden............

No photos beyond the first one I picked earlier this month but enjoying "real" homegrown tomatoes is a great perk of the heat and humidity of Summer and frugal as hell! lolz

That's about it from here.
Ne eating out. No Weis freebie(I just couldn't be bothered to go last Friday.).
Frugal entertainment has been Amazon Prime on the TV(Hell's Kitchen and movies)and checking in on the frog who has taken up residence in my Croc shoe on the back deck. lololz

How was your week frugal-wise?
Tell us about your wins!



  1. I am living a boring life right now, except for the Mom stuff. When sticking close to home (or Mom's house) one has very little need to spend money for anything.

  2. So you have a new froggy freind? picture please.

  3. I had a grandchild with me all week... blew a lot of money. I need to be thrifty next week, for sure!

  4. I’m pretty boring this week. Didn’t buy anything and I’ve made a small dent in the basement freezer. But watch me find some manager specials at Kroger tomorrow and fill it back up! I toast sourdough bread anyway so I buy it all and freeze it whenever they have it.

    Jen G.

  5. I have spent too much eating out. I did have a loaf of bread in the car when the police called. I sent the hotdog buns that were 50 cents home with Tommy. Anyway, I bought cheese for the bread. I will only eat that once a day. I smushed the bread and the slices are only about two inches tall

  6. All our rite aids are gone to walgreens. Im.with your hubby in that movies require snack. But then I go to five buck Tuesdays often, lol.


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