Friday, June 14, 2019

Frugal Friday....the June 14th Edition

Some good frugal things happened around here this past week.............

*  Since the weather has been so cool and rainy I went ahead and planted some lettuce.  It's a bit late for that around here but I had some old seeds sitting in a bag so no money spent!

And they've already sprouted.  We may get something big enough to pick by the time we get back from New Hampshire.  I love getting almost free veggies!

*  I ordered my bi-pap supplies this past week.  There is a tubing length I need that runs from the oxygen concentrater to the bi-pap that they aren't allowed to order for has to be ordered from the "oxygen" department of their company so she transferred me to that department.

Twenty minutes later that CS person still couldn't find the item I needed and then they dropped the call.  Not wanting to get caught up in that frustrating crap again, I just went on eBay and looked for the item(you don't need a Rx for it and it's something you can sell there).

I found a listing for TWO of what I wanted for $5.95 w/free shipping.  I also had a $5 off Q from eBay so 2 lengths of tubing cost me $1.95 OOP.
The DME company was selling me 40 ft. of tubing(I only need 10 ft.)and after insurance was charging me $10+ per length of tubing for a copay.  Can you say rip-off???

And even better my eBay(from an Alabama DME no less)tubing showed up a day earlier than the order I places with my insurance's DME company. lolz

*  I found money!

A quarter under a display I saw while checking out at Walmart.

And a penny while walking out of Walmart.

*  And speaking of Walmart, I found these for cheap there...........

Cotton blankets.  We've been looking for a deal on lightweight blankets for our beds.  Went around a corner and these were on clearance; the king and full/queen were $5 each and the twin was $4.50.

Regular price on the shelf for the king was $29.96 though the clearance tag on the package was $24.96.  At either price, paying $5 was a great deal!  Not the colors I would have necessarily have picked(these were all they had)but we have one of each of these sizes of beds here now.

*  Then I found more money!

I went into Dollar Tree to pick something up for Hubs and found three more pennies!

*  Since I was driving right by this store, I went into Dollar General for this deal.......

$5 off wyb 2 of these gift cards.  The lowest amount available was $15 so I got $30 total in gift cards for $25 so somewhere between 16%  and 17% off regular price.  This wasn't a great deal(sometimes the discount is more)so I only got a couple gift cards to use on our trip.

*  Remember that free specialty burger I got from Mickey D's last week?.....

Since I knew we'd be going to Mickey D's for breakfast when we left for New Hampshire next week I did the survey on the receipt and got a validation code.
Now we can get a BOGO free deal on our 2 breakfast sandwiches when we leave for our trip.

*  I picked up some FREE nail polish at Rite-Aid............

The Kokie Cosmetics website has a $4/1 Q good at Rite-Aid. Don't know if it's still there but go check it out.
R-A Q.  It's a PDF so save it to your computer to print it out.  TIP-The register WILL take multiple of that Q in one transaction ,if your cashier will let you, otherwise, you'll have to buy them 1 at a time.

Anyway, Kokie items are Spend $12/Get $6 BC this week and if you have the 20% Wellness discount level the $4.99 nail polish is $3.99.  Add in a cheap candy because there will be .01¢ of overage you need to cover.
I got 4 bottles(to get to the $12+ level so the $6 BC would print)and 3 candies. 
4 x $3.99=$15.96 + 3 candies at .57¢=$16.53-$16 in Qs=.53¢ OOP.
Cost was .53¢ after Qs which was paid with my Bonus Cash and I earned $6 in new BC back making this a $5.47 moneymaker.

If you have Silver level discount(10% off reg. prices)the nail polish will be $4.49 and you'll only need 3 bottles to hit the $12 mark and won't need a candy because you won't have overage.
3 x $4.49=$13.47-3 x $4/1 KokieQ=$1.47(plus tax if applicable)and you'll earn the $6 BC so a $4.52 moneymaker which is still pretty nice. 8-)

*  I had $5 in ECB expiring on Thursday so I hit CVS too........

I already blogged about this trip yesterday.  All of the above was free and earned me $5 in new ECBs.

*  I had a 15% off chit for Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)that was expiring this Sunday so Hubs and I went to the one that usually has a large clearance section in the town South of us and they did not disappoint!

Most of the discounted stuff but not all of what we bought.  These were the items that were clearanced, 50%, 60% or 75% off.
(Plus 2 more of the gallons of peach iced tea not in the photo.)

The Thinster's cookies were .50¢ea., the bread crumbs were .40¢ea., the pop-tarts were .50¢ea., the tea was .52¢ea., the slow cooker sauce was .25¢, the caramel cookie chips were .50¢ea., the caramel popcorn was .99¢ and the pb crackers were .89¢.
There was also another snacky thing, 6 jars of spices, 2 microwave mug items, a lb. of roasted almonds, a canister of french fried onions, a can of pie filling and 2 bags of pretzel rods.
$71.74 reg retail and w/the 15% off Q, and the 40-75% off on the clearance stuff I paid $24.13 OOP for all of it.

*  I also found money at Rite-Aid........

A dime under one of the chairs in the waiting area by the pharmacy.
I finished the week at finding a total of .39¢ in change.

*  There was NO Weis(PMITA)Markets freebie for me this past week.  It was pre-cooked, packaged hard boiled eggs so I took a pass.  Heck I didn't even darken Weis' door all week!

What frugal goodness happened in your world this past week?
Tell us what wins y'all had! ;-)



  1. Oh I wish I as with you when you were shopping, I would have gotten to that mney so much quicker, as I was pushing you to the side and rolling over you. Just sayin....

  2. I love found money. I don't care if it's a penny or a twenty dollar bill. If I don't have any way of knowing who lost it, then it's mine. Good for you for getting a good deal on the tubing.


  3. You are the "Queen" of found money! Nice score on that tubing and all of your shopping.

  4. bookmarked!!, I really like your web site!


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