Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Some Weis & Rite-Aid Shopping

So I was only $14.01 away from "spending" $50 and getting another $20 Visa gas card at Rite-Aid so I bought this......

2 x Lindt truffles on sale=$2.00 *this wasn't a qualifying item for the deal*
3 x Cover Girl Blush palettes($2 off instantly)=$14.07

Coupons Used
2 x $1/1 Lindt IPQ=2.00
3 x $2/1 CoverGirl IPQ=$6.00
Coupon Total.......$8.00

$16.07-$8.00=$8.07+.32¢tax=$8.39 paid for with Bonus Cash. Add in the $3.07 in overage on Wellness Wednesday on all the other items I bought then and it comes out to $5.32 spent in BC.

Add in the $3.07 in overage on Wellness Wednesday on all the other items I bought then and it comes out to $5.32 spent in BC.
I earned a $20 Gas card code and $4 in SavingStar cash rebates($3 Thermacare/$1 Emergen-C).

I think I'll lay off R-A pillaging this week.  I only have a little bit of BC left on 2 cards and nothing expiring in the next week.

I wanted to recount some of the deals I've gotten this month at Weis(PMITA)Markets too.

I stumbled upon marked down instant discounts on panko crusted pork, whole chickens and Perdue Farms tenderloins.  The whole chickens w/disc. sticker came out to .62¢ lb.  The tenderloins were BOGOFree sale + $2 off stickers so were just over $1 per package.  Altogether it was $17.08 for just shy of 18 lbs. of meat.

Weis is clearancing out the "Expertly Paired" Kraft shredded cheeses here(blends of 2 types of cheese).
$1.44 per bag.  Kraft is usually $2.89 per bag.  Even without a Q or cash rebate to pair with this it was a "buy this" for me.

Certain sizes of Cascade tablets were on clearance.  These 20 packs were $2.12 in my store.  Again no Qs out for them but a decent buy.

The Yoplait yogurts were .59¢ each(should have bought them the previous week when they were on sale for .50¢)  I did have a digital Q which doubled to $1 and I got .50¢ on SavingStar for buying 5 so in the end they costs me $1.45 or .29¢ each.

The chili was on sale 2/$3 this week.  I had .55¢/2 Q that doubled to $1.10 and a third Hormel digital Q came off my card(which also doubled)so altogether I got $3.30 off my $6 chili purchase, paying $2.70 for all 4 cans.

Another clearance find-Febreeze small spaces were 50% off($1.44)and I paired 2 BOGOFree Qs so $2.88 for the 4 of those.  The spray/spray refills were also 50% off and I paired 2 BOGOFree Qs with those.  Luckily I got a couponing cashier and she took the higher priced spray bottle off on the pair with the refill so the spray came out to .99¢, the refills came out to $2.17, $2.17 and Free.

I've been trying to use the Weis Qs in the Weis Healthy Bites magazine. I got those 4 boxes of Annie's mac and cheese for .50¢ each(2 different trips), the Minute Rice w/Quinoa(we actually like this!)for .99¢ a box and the spaghetti/pasta sauces were .99¢ on a Fantastic Friday sale plus had a .50¢ per jar Ibotta rebate which made them .49¢ per jar.
The Tony Chachere dirty rice meal kits were on clearance for $1.74(I think it was-don't have that receipt here)a box and the Sylvia's hush puppy/cornbread/cobbler mixes were also on clearance for .79¢ each.

 The Mix and Match 6 Items/Get $6 Off instantly Deal.  I did this deal twice(got 12 items).
The Lysol sprays were $2.49, the Lysol toilet cleaners were $1.99, the Head and Shoulders was $5.00 and the frozen veggies were $1.99.
Total w/sale prices=$30.96-$12 instant discount=$19.96-$13 in ManuQs/TearPadQs=$5.90 for everything in the photo above.  The toilet cleaners were .06¢ moneymaker, the sprays .49¢ each, the shampoo was $3 for both and the veggies were .99¢ each.

But the best deal were these boxes of cereal.
They were on sale 2/$5 last week.  I paired that sale price with 4 x .75¢/1 IPQ that doubled to $1.50 off each, making them free.......except 2 x a $1 GM cereals digital Q came off too so I got paid $2 to bring these 4 boxes home.
And then I got a $1 SavingStar rebate for buying 2 GM cereals so I made $3 buying theses. lolz

Getting paid to bring home groceries is the best!



  1. Wow, just wow!
    I would love to run on that toilet bowl cleaner deal. I like having one in each bathroom plus some to spare would be fantastic.

  2. I still can't figure out how you do all this.

  3. Like the energizer bunny...you just keep going. hahaha

  4. What stores that you shop at give double the face value of a coupon and what stores that you shop at do not? I have not found any coupon doubling where I live, but maybe I am missing out. Thanks Teddie

  5. I'm doing something different to save money this year and that is not stocking up as much. I have three months supplies of food, paper products and cleaning supplies, easily. So, I am saving money by not buying non-necessities and not stocking up on items that I don't really need, even if they are low cost. Saving lots of money so far. Dee

  6. Very energetic article, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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