Thursday, January 3, 2019

Wellness Wednesday Haul...So Much Rite-Aid Porn!

Wednesday was the first Wednesday of the month so you know what that means?  The one day Wellness Wednesday coupons at Rite-Aid!

And boy, were there some good deals to be had!!!

But first, I picked up a few samples on the WW table........

A small Aquaphor lotion spray and 2 Cold-Eeze sample boxes.  Hubs loves those Cold-Eeze things when he comes down with a cold.

I won't go into the details of my transactions but I had both the paper one-day Qs and had them loaded digitally to my Load2Card accounts on 3 cards held in this household and all the Qs came off both from the paper ones and the digital ones.
I printed out a few manufacturer's Qs too to stack with some of the WWQs as well.

Here is a shot of everything I brought home yesterday........

A couple of items in the first few transactions I bought the wrong size or type of item but mostly the cashiers pushed those Qs through when they beeped. oh well...

I used a total of $46.94 in Bonus Cash across three different Wellness cards.

I earned back $57.00 in new Bonus Cash, so this was a $10.06 moneymaker trip, growing my BC by $10.06.

I also earned $19 in cash rebates from SavingStar and Ibotta(still waiting on one rebate to reload so I can claim it again but it's $16 earned so far).  8-)))

I also can sell those Pampers in the back on the photo and net another $45 cash.

Of course I have plans for all these items...either we need/want them here at Chez Sluggy, I'll donate some items to the food bank here in town or they'll be going into a Giveaway box this year! ;-)

So many of the items were better than free with the double coupons I had to buy other stuff to cover all that overage.  I tell ya it's was crazy!

Did you pick up anything at Rite-Aid on Wellness Wednesday?



  1. I see you worked your magic again. Nice shop.

  2. Look at you, you need to remind me this is coming up as I am so slow to realize what day it is, I am starving and I want a diet coke.


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