Friday, December 7, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the December 7th Edition

Let's see what frugal goodness happened around Chez Sluggy this past week.........

*  I forgot to mention this last month--I printed out my $5 eVisa card.

This was earned from buying 4 SC Johnson items(Glade/Ziploc/etc)in one transaction earlier in November.

*  Speaking of rebates I earned $46.20 in variousIbotta cash rebates this past week.  $24 of that was for those Neutrogena lip balms(6 x $4)and a bit was on Olay(2 x $3)and waiting for that particular rebate to appear back on my list of eligible ones.  A small piece was for items bought at Weis(Life cereal and Ajax dish soap).  I earned $1 on SavingStar also. 
A good week for rebating here! ;-)

*  I found some money!

Waiting in the drive-thru line at Mickey D's on Sunday I spied 2 pennies next to the building.  The line was very sloooooow so I jumped out of the car and picked them up to give them a good, loving home. lolz
Not much change found it's way to me this week.....oh, well.  Some weeks are like that.

*  I got the Weis Friday Freebie item last Friday............

A block of cream cheese which is much appreciated in this house.  ;-)
Remember to check your grocery account at whichever store you frequent to see if there is a freebie you can use this week!

*  The clearance pumpkin flavored cereals at Weis(PMITA)Markets that were marked down to $1.88 per box are now $1 per box at my store, which means after stacked WeisQ/ManuQs they are FREE!
No photo but I picked up 6 boxes for free this past week.  Woohoo!

*  I got these items for .29¢ each at Weis recently as well..........

Unilever is revamping their Suave brands website and they sent me a link to a page of Suave Qs to print.  One Q was for .75¢ off their body wash and Weis had it on sale for $1.79 per bottle.  My Qs doubled to $1.50 so I got each of these for .29¢ each.  Not free but almost.  ;-)

*  Here's just some of the stuff I pillaged from Rite-Aid this week.........

I'll post about all the goodies I've gotten so far this week in a later post. 
Today and Saturday R-A is doing another 30% off Friends and Family Sale around here.  Not sure if this one is nationwide or not but I got a coupon for it on my first trip there this week.

*  Hubs and I finally got up to the Christmas Tree Shops in the city North of us this week.
I saw this on the shelf...........

$9.99 for a 5 oz. bottle of real Vanilla extract.  I didn't buy it.
Tell this a good price nowadays for vanilla?  I have no clue.

*  I hit Dollar General last Saturday to get some discounted gift cards.

The deal was 15% off if you bought Cracker Barrel/DQ/Burger King/Red Lobster and maybe Ruby Tuesdays?
I bought $100 worth total so paid $85 for all.  Daughter's birthday is coming up this month and she wants to go to Red Lobster so that was a no-brainer. 

*  Speaking of discounted gift cards, I also sent for $300 worth of Target gift cards and paid $270 for those.  I don't shop Target much and I usually use free gift cards there acquired using credit card points but I couldn't pass up this deal.

* Not sure if you can still do this......if you have a Kmart near you(that is not closing)and you are a Shop Your Way Rewards customer, there is/was a $5 off $5 purchase coupon available via text message(the Q expires today-12/7/2018).  Go read about it HERE.
I loaded it to my phone and will go down to Kmart today if possible.

That's about it for me this week.
Remember to heed the advice of the "World's Most Frugal Man".............

Tell us what frugal wins y'all had this week!  8-)



  1. Okay I am still laughing about you hoping out of the car for that change.

  2. We don't have too many freebies ever from our stores here, one does but only on special occasions (Lucky charms on St Patricks Day comes to mind, I am stuck eating them since Hubby won't). Vanilla is bloody expensive, even imitation is expensive here...I am waiting until I get to Mexico then buying a super big bottle for myself. I wonder if there is a vanilla black market....

    1. If you find the vanilla black market, let me know. Lol

  3. Yes, that is a great price for the pure vanilla! Can pay almost that much for 2oz these days. Penny S.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Wish I could find that deal down here. Lol

  4. I used my virtual visa card and a $5 ebay coupon to pick up a free Christmas gift for my dad. My Aldis finally reopened after a two month renovation and they are handing out $5/30 coupons left and right so I need to plan out some small trips to get things stocked up around here. I have missed that store so very much! I had $15 in PacSun rewards so I got a flannel for my DD and necklace for me for $6, free shipping. I babysat my nieces twice this week and my sister in law bought me a Starbucks and picked up a pizza for lunch in return. I won a contest at work and got a small Bath and Body Works shower gel as a prize. Pretty nice week for me :)

  5. Where are these stores in MN with Freebies-don't know of any like that. I'm laughing at the change sight as well.

  6. That seems like a good price for vanilla but mine is 8.5oz (250ml) so that would require me to do some math and seeing as it's Sunday math isn't allowed :)


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