Friday, December 21, 2018

Frugal Friday....the December 21st Edition

Christmas is right around the corner...but did we have any frugal wins this week here at Chez Sluggy?
Let's take a look.......

*  Hubs and I hit a discount store earlier this month(I forgot to tell y'all about it).  This is a store I haven't been to in about a year.  It use to have crash and burn type stuff(tore up packaging, out of date or almost stuff, etc.).  Now it's totally different.  The store has transformed itself into a strange mix of novelty items and high end grocery goods(overruns/package redesigns/overstock)and specialty foods(lots of gluten-free items, etc.).  While the prices on most are good(for a high end item)most of it is still too pricey for me to buy.  The exception are the dairy/meat items which of dubious quality(see  "gray" meat)and well past their expiration dates....but they are cheap! lolz

I did find one item to buy......

This high end coffee.  It goes for $10.99 a bag in Target here.  I got it for $3.99 to put into Hubs Xmas box.

*  I found more change this week!

A dime in a soda machine coin return on Saturday by the Dollar Tree.

2 pennies, one on the walkway into Boyer's and the other on the way out by the cash registers.
I also hit the jackpot of finding things in Boyer's.  Someone' debit card was laying on the floor in the store.  And no, I didn't try to buy a shit ton of groceries with it(didn't have the pin written on it goshdarnit!)but turned it into the Customer Service Desk.

That same trip I went to Aldi's.  There must be something about me to people who shop there.....they must think I am homeless or something because every time I tell someone I'll take their cart and try to hand them my quarter(because I'll get their quarter in the cart when I return it)they tell me to keep my quarter.  When they insist I don't argue with I got a free quarter at Aldi's.  That's .37¢ for the week in found money!$$$

*  Last Saturday we went to the Surplus Grocery Outlet.  I'll show y'all what I got there but here's my best deal from that trip..........

They had boxes of Knorr's side dish packets.  Each box has 8 packets in them.  Price for a box?....$1.
These things run as much as $1.69 at Price Chopper and go on sale for as low as $1 per packet around here.  Now and again I'll find some varieties at Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)for .89¢ per packet.  These are new, if not unsuccessfully new varieties--one is a meal starter thing(Lemon Chicken w/Barley)and the other is a rice side(Asiago Cracked Black Pepper ).  They other flavors both of the meal starters and the rice sides but these two looked the most like something we'd eat.  I'll report in after we've tried them.  If you don't care for them it's only $2 spent and I can always sent them off to the local food bank.

*  I bought some Cover Girl, Head and Shoulders, Suave and Axe this week at Rite-Aid......

 $17.18 including tax in Bonus Cash spent for all this.....

....And $21 in new Bonus Cash earned back so a $3.82 moneymaker overall.

*  I cashed out my Ibotta acount to apply it to our credit card bill for 2018.  The total came to $382.11.

*  I used a digital coupon at Burger King and used the mobile app to order a whopper for $1 while out last week.

Getting a Whopper for a buck is a good deal anyway but after I got home and started eating it I discovered they gave me a double Whopper!  Double the meat?  Yes please.  And I shared the extra with the doggies here.  ;-)

*  In other surprising news.....I got up Wednesday to discover that I sold something on eBay!  I've had 2 listings sitting on there for just over a year that never sold and one sold late Tuesday evening.  I got it mailed out on Wednesday and it's only going to NY so it should be arriving today or tomorrow, well in time for Xmas.  That's $29 and change(before eBay fees but after shipping fees)in my pocket
on a toy bought years ago for $3 and never used.  8-)))

*  There was NO Friday Freebie at Weis(PMITA)Markets last week.  Boo-Hiss

So what frugal wins did y'all have this week?



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  2. Kicking Horse is Canada's #1 whole bean coffee company, loved by many. I can't drink coffee (instant heartburn, part of aging I guess, quit drinking it at all this year) but am told it is fabulous! Great deal. Merry Christmas Sluggy!

  3. OMG! 8 count boxes of Knorr side dish packets for $1.00?! That's Awesome! You win the Frugal Crown for the week. LOL

  4. That's a great deal on the Knorr packets! I buy those when they're on sale. Good for the hurricane emergency food. Most just require boiling water like an MRE. Guess what? We're getting an Aldi in Fairhope. First one in the area. I expect it will be very popular. Your Christmas card is on the way. It will be late, but it's coming! :-)

  5. Those Knorr packets were a great deal. You had another great week.

  6. All right you hobo quit going out in rags and making people feel sorry for you. I mean really? When is your birthday again? I have something I want to send.


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