Saturday, November 10, 2018

To-Do List.....October Edition

Let's take a look at how much of our To-Do List for October we achieved.......

* Pay Bills  DONE  Everything got paid on time or early.  No interest paid.
Go me. 8-)))

* Read 1, 2 Books  DONE
I read this one............
"Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election that Saved a Nation" by Chris De Rose.

It was a thumping good read! ****
 Since I am related to both Monroe and Madison(Monroe being my 4th cousin 7 x removed and Madison was the husband of my 3rd cousin 7 x removed)I was compelled to read this book. ;-)
Two of our founding fathers with very different views on how to structure the government.  If the congressional election of 1789 had turned out differently, the course our country took might have been very different and the USA may well have been a very different place that it is today.
It was thought provoking especially given I was reading it in the month leading up to our mid-term elections.

And then I read this one.........

"Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford's Theatre" by Thomas A. Bogar.

Being a denizen of the "theatuh" I found this book exactly in my wheelhouse.  It's a fascinating take on the whole event and a must read for anyone interested in the history of the American theater or a nineteenth century history buff. 
This book is not how this event affected the country or the Presidency or the misguided actor John Wilkes Booth but rather how one single high profile murder of a President affected the rest of the lives of 46 individuals working in Ford's theatre that fateful night.  46 regular people.....actors, stage hands, designers and the owner of the theatre....who had the bad luck to be on site that evening and witness the assassination first hand changed all their lives and not for the better.  The fallout from that evening was tremendously damaging to these regular folks, who for the most part were just doing their jobs and trying to make a living.  It also opened my eyes to the muddled mess that was the investigation of the assassination by the police, the Secret Service and Secretary of  War Edward Stanton and the lack of justice handed out to some citizens(I'm looking at you Mary Surratt and Ben Spangler.)

* List items on eBay  FAIL  I just didn't get to this one yet. sigh.  Maybe this month....

* Hold Giveaway  DONE  I actually gave THREE boxes of goodies away.

* Mail Giveaway  DONE  All 3 were mailed and received.

* Finish Processing Produce  DONE(sort of)  I have finished processing and preserving produce from the "garden".  I got a little too ambitious about drying Oregano......

Ambition in the amount I thought I'd end up with as my quart jar is barely 1/4 full. lolz  No worries since I'll barely use up this amount in my cooking before next season.  ;-)
I do have another thing to finish processing still which I'll talk about in November's list since it's not really garden produce. 

* Put Deck Furniture Away  DONE

The patio chairs and the swing awning are put away.  We leave the table out(we might cover it).
Hubs even scrubbed the deck on the couple of sunny/dry days we had in October and got all the mold off.

* Clean my Car  DONE  We finally had a dry, sunny(note I didn't say WARM!)day on the 30th so I got out there and hauled out the vacuum and cleaners and got the Sonic spiffied up.  Of course the following week it rained non-stop and my car interior looks like it still needs love. 

* Change out Winter clothes  DONE  Got all the clothes gone through and changed out.  Ok, not Everything gone through.....I still need to finish going through my pants.  Having lost weight over the last year I need to either get rid of or pack away some of my pants as they are too big now.  You should have seen me on the trip w/Kim and her Hubs having to hold onto my pants some days to keep them from falling around my ankles.  Nobody wanted to see that.....lolz!

* Pack for Trip  DONE  We packed very light for the trip to OBX as it was just a quickie of 5 days.

* Go on Trip  DONE  That trip is done and over and was quite enjoyable.  We might have to do one of those trips with my brother and sis in-law again next Fall.

How did your To-Do List go in October?
Did you get much accomplished?



  1. Good for you! Got my wisteria trimmed and dormers trim fixed and painted and also our small gas fire pit painted for back porch. So I am pretty much finished with outside stuff. I just have one more raised bed to prep.

  2. You did almost everything. Great job. My October goals achieved are here:https: //


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