Friday, November 23, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the November 23rd Edition

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Here's this week's look around Chez Sluggy to see what frugal wins we had this week.........

* I turned a fail into a win...

Dollar General had certain gift cards last week on special, including Taco Bell.
$5 off when you bought $25 worth and $10 off when you bought $50 worth.
I bought $100 worth but they didn't ring up $20 off.
With a little patience waiting for the manager to make this right(which he did by  handing me $20 cash)I got my deal.

I promptly took this $20 to the bank to put into our checking account, so I can apply it toward the credit card bill when it comes in next month.  Keeping it and spending it on something else would negate the "deal" I got.
I hope the 20% off select gift cards for BF at Dollar General actually work now.

* I found money!

I found a penny(no photo)this week but for the live of me I can't recall where I found it. ;-)
I also found a dime while waiting at the Burger King drive-thru.  I spied a dime next to the building so while we waited I unbuckled, got out of the car and picked it up. I may have done a small happy dance and waved that dime to the cars behind me before getting back into my car......8-))

Then on Thursday when I ran up to Rite-Aid after getting the turkey into the oven and the rolls were rising I went in to get some freebies and such.  I saw this change sitting in the parking lot behind my car.......

.21¢ came home with me too.  Even though this change was encrusted in rock sale it will still spend just as good as clean change. 8-))

.32¢ in one week.  8-)))

*  I turned another fail into a win........
Keebler crackers were $1.87 a box this past week at Weis.  I cashed in Kellogg's points to get 3 x $1/1 Keebler cracker Qs.(I paid .87¢ a box and then got 3 x .75¢ cash rebates on them at Ibotta so they were .12¢ a box in the end.)  The last link they sent me for the Qs didn't print so I contacted their chat CS.
They refunded 1 Qs worth of points so I could rebuy that Q and also sent me an email with recipes, tips and a link to a $1.25/1 Keebler/Kellogg's/Etc. item that I could print twice.

* I got lots of good food deals this past week..........

 Free items like butter, eggs, potatoes, pumkin and stuffing at Giant

Cheap foods, plus 2 lasagnas(1 free, 1 for .99¢), a cheap Butterball turkey, turkey breast and smoked ham shank.

* I got the Weis Friday Freebie last week.....

A photo of nothing because we ate it before I got around to taking a picture. lolz
It was a loaf of frozen garlic bread.

* I received a rebate in the mail this past week..............

The Alka Seltzer full price rebate on the new Power Max capsules or something like that.
This was even better because the rebate was on the price you paid(after using a coupon)but my cashier had forgotten to put my Q through before she hit the total button on my transaction, so I paid $7.99(instead of $4.99 with the Q)and then she did a "post coupon" and gave me $3 in cash for the Q she forgot.  This meant my receipt showed I paid $7.99 instead of $4.99 so my actual rebate received was better than FREE! woohoo

* My eldest son and his GF came here for a visit for a couple of days last weekend........

We took them to a craft brewery in town nearby but we didn't eat there(other than a few pretzels).  I cooked a nice meal afterwards at home.  We hit up Giant in that town since we were there and found 2 of the freebies too.

So what frugal wins did you have this week?



  1. No frugal wins for me this week. But with the Christmas season upon us, most stores have select roasts on sale, so I may pick up one and make multiple meat packs out of it.

  2. I liked the photo of nothing.

  3. Okay you are just finding too much money but then again I am out out as much. I need to win, or did I enter?

  4. Cool beans on all the change you found this week! My frugal win for the week is staying home on Black Friday. That counts right? LOL

    1. Staying home and not opening your wallet is about as frugal as you can get! teehee

  5. OK deals at CVS but I hope to roll the deal a bit like you do.

  6. This week was a big frugal fail. Not sure what happened, mostly children :o, but all we can do is move forward to the next week. You have inspired to do a "found money" jar starting Jan 1 and to see how much change I can collect in a year. This will be a different jar than my normal change jar. I know I look around parking lots a lot more because of you!


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