Thursday, October 11, 2018

Grocery Shopping Before We Left For Maine

Some deals I got at Weis(PMITA)Markets, the week before we left on our trip.

2 x Honest Teas on sale=$2.00
1 x Cape Cod chips on sale=$3.00
2 x Perdue chicken on sale=$9.94
3 x Kraft Expertly Paired cheese on sale=$6.00
2 x OM Deli Meats on sale=$5.34
1 x Finlandia cheese dip on sale=$2.49
1 x Drake's fruit pies on sale=$2.00
I can't find the receipt now but I had coupons as follows-2 x $1.50 off on the Perdue, $1.25 off on 1 Kraft cheese and OM lunchmeat, $1.50 off the other OM lunchmeat, $1.10 off the Drake's, and $1.50 off the Finlandia dip with Qs so $22.42 after Qs OOP.

I also got back $5.75 on Ibotta (for the cheese x 3, the tea, the chips, the taco night bonus and the $1 Sept. bonus)so $16.67 after rebates.

4 x Kellogg's cereals on sale($1.99)=$7.96
I used 4 x $1/1 Kellogg's cereal Qs from my Kellogg's points account so each box cost me .99¢.
Then I got $2 back on SavingStar for buying 4 Kellogg's cereals in one transaction so $1.96 for all 4 boxes. 
Altogether everything in both photos came to $18.63 after sales/coupons/rebates.  8-)

I also went to Dollar General to use to $5 oyno Catalina I got from buying Gain there earlier in September.

The 5 non-food items were part of a buy 5 select items and get $1 off each automatically.
1 x Kleenex on sale=$4.00
2 x Pine Sol on sale=$4.00
2 x Glade candles on sale=$6.00
1 x Cranberry sauce=$1.00
1 x 5lb. Flour=$2.00 *not pictured*

Coupons Used
2 x .75¢/1 Pine Sol Qs=$1.50
1 x $1/3 Digital DG Q for the Kleenex=$1.00
1 x $1/2 Glade Digitial DG Q for the candles=$1.00
Instant $5 off on 5 items=$5.00
1 x $5 Cat used=$5.00
Coupon Total.....$13.50

$17.00-$13.50=$3.50 + .14¢ tax=$3.65
Not bad for all the items pictured in the last photo plus a bag of flour.  ;-)


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