Thursday, July 26, 2018

Little Stuff Not Worth a Whole Post

Just some stuff rattling around in my head, in my drafts and on my camera that's not worth a whole post by itself but swirl them all together and you come up with a big ball of randomness.

*  This chocolate bar was seen at Bob Evans.........

Pigs N' Taters-milk chocolate with crispy bacon flavored bits and potato chips
Have you ever seen or had this candy bar?
Would you eat it?

*  Here's an image from an actual form in an admission book for an old soldier's home that I came across while doing some genealogy research.............

"Insane Persons And Habitual Drunkards Will Not Be Admitted Under Any Circumstances."
I guess I am shit out of luck when I get too old to take care of myself and need to go to the home. ;-)

*  Book seen at Olllie's recently........

"The Business of Broadway-An Insider's Guide to Working, Producing, and Investing in The World's Greatest Theatre Community"
My comment.....Yeah, if you have money you want to invest and LOSE, go ahead and throw it at Broadway! lolz

*  Another product seen at Ollie's..........

"Fancy" oatmeal.  Under the name "Miller's Batch" which is really just Quaker Oats Company.
From their website...."Expertly milled and flaked to perfection, our organic oats are sourced from a single farm in the golden prairies of Saskatchewan, home to some of the best quality oats in the world...."
The label is all fancy with a serial number or something.
Sort of reminds me of a Portlandia episode.........

Expertly milled and flaked to perfection, our organic oats are sourced from a single farm in the golden prairies of Saskatchewan, home to 

*  After we went out to eat for Eldest son's birthday Hubs let me hit two Rite-Aids I don't frequent.
I found the double dipping candy bags so I rolled $6 in Bonus Cash on two of my Wellness cards.....

*  I saw this on FB and thought I should send it to Hubs since his Masters is in Medieval Literature.......

The Ten Tell-Tale Signs You are Middle-Aged.......
1-You don't Sunderstand what young peasants are talking about.
2-You struggle to read Chaucer in weak candlelight.
3-You hate rowdy taverns.
4-You constantly worry that you might have the Black Death.
5-You don't know or care who Blondel is sleeping with.
6-You tell your wife that Crusaders seem to look younger every year.
7-You struggle with new technology such as the heavy plough and the longbow.
8-You find Gothic architecture too modern.
9-You keep forgetting who the King is.
10-You dream of buying a second hovel in France.

Only a medieval scholar or a history geek will find this funny. lolz

*  This product was found at the grocery outlet I go to sometimes........

It's a breakfast sandwich of two waffles with southern style pulled pork, egg and cheese inside.  Sort of a play on a McGriddle but with a different pork rather than bacon or sausage inside.
I bought a box, it was rather cheap.  The consensus here was "meh".  Pulled pork needs sauce but bbq sauce isn't a friend to eggs and cheese.
Would you try this?

*  While noodling around in my genealogy I found I am cousins with this guy you may know of.........

We are 9th cousins 1 x removed through our shared Huguenot ancestry.  We share Abraham Soblet(Sublett)and Susanne Briant-my 7th GreatGrands and Tim's 8th GreatGrands.  Their children, Pierre Louis Soblet and Anne Soblet were siblings and are our respective direct ancestors.

We are both related to Joan Crawford, Jessica Chastain, Brandi Chastain, the Everly Brothers, etc. through this line too.

Ok, that's it for another jaunt around Sluggy's brain.  It stopped raining for awhile so I am heading out to the garden to find any veggies that need picking.

What odds things have you done, read or seen lately?
Any strange facts you want to tell us about?



  1. Loved the list, o I would not eat the waffle thing.

  2. This was a great post. I had fun reading it, especially the Middle Ages part, and I did not major in history or literature of any kind! (but can still quote the prologue from the Canterbury Tales)
    There is no chocolate that I would not try and I would not buy the waffle thing, but if I were served it I am pretty sure I would eat it.

  3. I have seen those candy bars here in Mount Vernon. Haven't tried one yet, but that's because I am not one to pay $1.99 for one. LOL The waffle sandwich doesn't sound good to me. I am more of a traditional breakfast sandwich girl. Give me bacon or sausage. Have a good weekend!

  4. I love bacon and I love chocolate - but not mixed together. the waffle thing looks awful. reading that list I'm definitely middle aged :)

  5. Candy - yes, in a minute...waffle "sandwich" - no freakin way.

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  7. I would try the bacon and chocolate bar. While I am not a medieval scholar or history geek, I think it is hilarious. "Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote…" I have read more than my share of medieval lit. What was his undergrad degree? I won't eat any product that has been frozen that has eggs in it. Cooked eggs do not survive freezing well. Pulled pork without sauce is delicious to me. Trump is the strangest thing I have seen lately.

  8. As I live in Saskatchewan, I'd like to say our oats are delicious lol:) We love a good shout out as well!


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