Saturday, February 24, 2018

More Screw Ups at Rite-Aid

So I hate getting a new cashier.....and sometimes I love it!

I needed to buy 4 x $1.99 sized Hershey Gold bars to finish off my Spend $50/Get $20 in BC Deal for this week.--Buy 3 on the Buy2/Get1Free sale(transaction #1), then buy 1 more bar at 20% Wellness discount(transaction #2)=Subtotal of $5.57.  Use 3 x $1.50/1 Hershey's Gold Qs and stack a .50¢/2 Hershey's assorted R-A Q they snail mailed me with one of the IP/ManQs.  So $5.57-$5.00=.57¢ OOP
Simple enough, right?

I went in on Friday and started transaction #1.
The cashier rang up 2 Hershey Gold's and 1 Butterfinger(the free one didn't use a Q so I wasn't limited to a Hershey Gold).
She scanned my Wellness card(no fear of any BC coming off I didn't want to this time).  I hit "use points" and handed her my 3 Qs(2 manu/1 stackable R-AQ)and she totaled out the transaction and never put the Qs through.
So now my account showed $49.96 worth of purchases toward the $50 I need to get the $20 BC.

Then she returned those 3 candy bars and we re-rang them up.  Of course, when she returned the candy bars I didn't lose my $3.98 in credit toward the $50 spent.  So "rebuying" these 3 candy bars gave me $3.98 more in credit, meaning I now didn't have to also buy a single bar in a second transaction.
Got  that?

So 3 bars=$3.98-$3.50 in Qs=.48¢ OOP.

But now the register wouldn't take 2 of the 3 Qs I tried to use.
So she put the 1 x $1.50/1 Q through....$3.98-$1.50=$2.48 OOP using my R-A gift card.

Then she did a "post coupon" for $2.00 for the other 2 Qs and I got $2 cash back.

In the end it actually "cost" me $15.46(used $5 BC too so $10.46 in PPs and/or gift card)to reach the $50 threshold and get the $20 BC.

Now this card/account has a $15 BC and a $20 BC and $79.85 worth of PPs on it.

Next week, if I do any BC Deals I'll use a different card/account and work on converting/rolling that card's PPs.....or even better I'll hope I get this cashier who can't figure out how to put a coupon through and I'll convert PPs to cash back when she has to do a "post coupon".  ;-)



  1. I had a good laugh when I read your last paragraph about hoping to get the same

  2. That is funny! There should be a picture of you at Rite Aid with a warning for new cashiers to immediately call a seasoned worker for help when you walk in the store.

  3. I wonder if it all will change when acme takes over,as my company bought riteaide

  4. Goodness.... I can't keep up!!


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