Friday, February 2, 2018

Frugal Friday......February 2nd Edition

So what frugal wins did we have at Chez Sluggy last week?

* Lots of freebies(and .50¢ jars of spaghetti sauce)from Rite-Aid.

* I used a $5 e-gift card for Amazon to reduce the price for ink cartridges for Hubs printer and used a $5 e-gift card to Walmart to help pay for some groceries I bought.

*  I hit a nice clearance sale on clothing online and it all came this week............

4 x s/s knit nightgowns
2 x s/s rayon buttoned shirts
1 x l/s rayon blend knit tunic
2 x l/s knit shirts
1 x s/s rayon print dress(which I'll have to hem up a mile of it)
All for $114 w/shipping
Finding plus size clothing is almost impossible at a brick and mortar store anymore(and if you can find some it's ridiculously expensive).  All nearly impossible to find at a thrift store(big ladies tend to wear out their clothing and not donate it around here).
I am thrilled with what I got and what I paid.  And thrilled that all of it is a size(or two)smaller than I use to buy. 8-)))

*  I picked up a few groceries on Thursday at Weis(PMITA)Markets.....

Eggland's best eggs are 1/2 off until Sunday night.  I don't usually buy name brand eggs but with a $1/2 Q these came out to .75¢ per carton so the cheapest eggs around these parts for now.(Weis brand are $1.99 dozen here.)
I also picked up 3 packages of ground beef patties 85% lean as they each had a $2 instant discount sticker on them.....

After sticker these were $2.49 lb.
I also saw Weis now carries a cheap brand(Valutime)of milk but in half gallons only.  It's 50¢ less than the Weis brand so that came home with me too.
All in I spent $16.09 at Weis.
I found another Eggland's Q in an insert so I'll get 2 more dozen eggs before that sale ends this weekend.

*  This was dinner on Wednesday evening.  I had put the leftover hunk of Christmas roast in the freezer to use it later.  I took it out and shaved off slices for Wednesday's dinner and made Beef and Broccoli.  I had gotten broccoli crowns for .99¢ lb. this week/last month.

What frugal wins have you had lately?
Keep it frugal and keep it real folks! ;-)



  1. Thanks to your badgering/persistence, I am trying to keep track of receipts and what I spend this month. ugh! I have a dedicated pencil pouch just for receipts. And, it was a ten-cent pouch, so frugal.

    When people ask me why I don't buy clothes at the thrift store, I tell them that heavy women wear things out, so they are not in the thrift store. I saw some stodgy suits that I had no use for. And, this was many pounds ago, so I am quite sure there is still nothing. I cannot walk or stand long enough to look anyway. I was shocked when I found 5x at WM while looking for a smaller size.

  2. Yay for clothes in a size (or 2) smaller!

  3. First of all these post with your bargains make me want to shop. Also you are not a big lady. You are actually quite little,but you have a big heart!

  4. Great deals on those clothes!!!

  5. Frugal - The last thing I bought was the tank of gas on Sunday, and I still have just under a half tank. In fact I have some left overs from a work dinner that will be my meals for the weekend.

  6. $1.78/lb. was the bargain on broccoli crowns this week. I don't even look at the paper ads for grocery stores where I price-matched. The stores were in towns too far away to travel to just for one bargain. sigh


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