Friday, February 23, 2018

Frugal Friday......February 23rd Edition

Let's see what good frugally things happened this week......

* We got to the bank and cashed in two US Savings Bonds that reached full maturity and are no longer earning interest.  No point in hanging onto assets that aren't going to grow, right?
The cash is sitting in an envie awaiting the next move--were to shove this cash to keep it growing, at least a little bit.  ;-)

* I hit Rite-Aid on Wednesday to return 2 items that L2CQs didn't come off when purchased(Rite-Aid doesn't do "post coupons" for electronic Qs). Oh well.....
While I was there I picked up all this.............

The Revlon color silk hair dyes are part of the Bonus Cash scheme this week(Buy $50 participating items/Get $20 in BC)and there were $2/1 Wellness Wednesday Qs for it, plus this dye brand was on sale for 2/$6.
14 hair dyes=$42-$28 in Qs=$14 spent in BC/PPs giving me $42 toward that $50 threshold.

Add in 3 Hershey bars--3 were Buy2/Get3rdFREE so $3.98 and I used 2 of my Free Hershey Gold bars Qs(worth $1.50 off each)so $3 off of $3.98=.98¢  OOP using a R-A gift card.
$45.98 "spent" before Qs so only $4.02 more to "spend" on participating items to earn $20 in Bonus Cash before the sales week ends Saturday night.  I'll probably pick up 4 more Hershey bars to finish this off and get to the $20 BC level. 

I also bought that box of candy, it was $7.99 after 20% Wellness discount plus there was a $6 off 1 box Q in the WWQ flyer so $1.99 used in PPs.
The Campbell's soups that were $1.49 reg. shelf price after 20% Wellness discount were $1.19 and there was a $1.25/1 WWQ in the flyer for Campbell's soup, so these were slight .06¢ moneymakers each.

After sales/Qs/using $5 in BC I will have "spent" $12.56 in PPs to get a $20 BC so really after spending down $5 in BC(and the additional $1.07 4 more bars will cost me in PPs/R-A gift card I will be "up" $1.37 on this whole deal.  Hey, getting paid a couple bucks AND having all the above(+ 4 more candy bars)to use/sell/give away works for me. 8-)

*  I was sick a bit last week so I missed out on a couple of free Hershey Gold bars(seriously?  make the link live at 5am ET??)but I did score two more rounds of free candy Qs on Wednesday night(and into the wee hours of the morning after the Women's Hockey game.....who says there are no advantages to being sick and not being able to sleep?lol).  I ended up able to print off 24 free candy bar Qs during this Olympic/Hershey's offer. 8-)))

*  I stayed home except for a trip to the Urgent Care and a trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets and Rite-Aid this past week and I didn't do any online shopping while I was home bound and sick.  Being sick meant some extra $ spent on take-out but we kept that to a dull roar.

* We needed new thermometer covers so I used PPs to purchase R-A brand ones(got 20% off w/my discount too).  I also used some PPs to pay for our Rxs as I forgot the HSA debit card one trip.  Yes, I can use PPs to pay for Rxs in PA so that's one way I can use some of those up! I'd much rather using them to pay for something we need like medicines rather than go spend them on housewares/clothing/over priced tchotchkes at Macy's.  ;-)

That's about it from Chez Sluggy this week.

What frugal wins did you have this week?



  1. I hope you are getting better, I am just hangin in there.

  2. I cashed in some matured savings bonds this past year. Note that you will have to pay taxes on the interest earned over the lifetime of the bonds. A form will be sent to you for 2018 tax filing.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now, Sluggy. Looks like you got some good deals this week. WTG!

  4. I hope you feel better. Flu is knocking everyone out this year.

  5. Love the hair color deal! Hope you're all feeling better.

  6. I hope you feel better. Frugal - was able to make soup and pasta last all week for meals. Will be checking the sales for some chicken. Time to make some more sauce and more soup


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