Saturday, January 13, 2018

A New Year Doesn't Mean Spending More Money

Every year when January rolls around the corporations pull out their "New Year" tricks.
You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

The "You Need to Buy Containers/Etc. to Get Your Life Organized" mantra and they try to sell you shiny new containers, filings systems, storage boxes, etc.

But most people don't have an organizing problem, they have a "too much stuff" problem.  Ok, some folks have both a stuff problem AND and organizing problem. ;-)

Just organizing your stuff when you have too much of it will only solve your organization problem for a short time.
So let's not fall for the "if we buy more/new containers for our stuff it will solve our problem" trap.
Stop buying stuff AND containers!
Keep your money in your pocket.
And get rid of some of what you already have.
My original post about all this from Jan. 2013 is HERE if you'd like to read it.

The other New Year trick is the "You Need to Buy our Diet Product/Plan/Fitness Tracking/Equipment to Lose Weight" mantra.
All sorts of diet foods, vitamins, supplements, diet programs, gym memberships go on sale in January of each year without fail, luring folks into a better life with promises of being thinner and fitter.

Again, you don't need to buy special foods, equipment, join a club/gym/diet program to lose weight.
Find free ways to exercise(take a walk), hold yourself accountable(tell someone about your plans/goals or do your health plan with a friend or family member),eat differently of the foods you can and do already buy(or buy better foods to get you to your goals).
You shouldn't have to spend extra money to reduce your bulk/get healthier/get fitter.
And after all, these merchants are just selling you a set of "tools", tools you may not necessarily need to achieve a better health goal.  You probably already have what you need to achieve a lower weight/better health.  You just have to believe in your own power to reach those goals.

What things do retailers lure you into the stores in a new year that you fall victim to?



  1. I fall for the new journals and calendars. This year, I grabbed two free calendars from the bank and ordered another free one from a health food store. I used an old gift card and bought several clearanced notebooks for tracking expenses. I’m an old dog but I finally learned this trick! (Well, this time...)

  2. My Mom is one of those container people who just buy more containers and isn't any more organized. Instead I have tried to cart away most of the containers and help her downsize her stuff (immediately taking it out of her house as she won't even if she thinks she wants to give it away).

  3. I cannot buy a new large storage container with out thinking of you. In fact I think I have only bought one since you 2013 post. I recycle or downsize. See the power you wield?

  4. Great advice, Sluggy. I just finished reading an article on I Will Make You Rich about the herd mentality.

  5. As they are clearing Christmas off the shelves or consolidating them to one section, stores are putting out Valentine items. Yes, the day after Christmas before the madness subsides!!! Valentine items are always so alluring with the pink and red packaging. However, I resist. I just look.

  6. I'm not a container victim! I actually spent the first two weeks of the year purging and ended up with a trunk full of stuff for the Goodwill. I do, however, admit to buying a new Mead Organizher expense tracker (on clearance) and also a small notebook to track expenses on the go. This is my second year of using one of these expense trackers and I feel it is worth every penny as it helps keep me on the straight and narrow....and as a bonus, much more organized!

  7. It's journals and planners for me.

  8. I was waiting for the Jan white sales and I just bought new sheets from Target that were on sale plus I used a promo code to get an additional 20% off. I haven't bought new sheets for our bed since 1998. I got good wear out of my 100% cotton set from JC Penney, but the elastic is shot on the fitted sheets. I purchased online so I wouldn't be tempted by in-store clearance sales.

  9. I like my nitebooks but think I'm finally free of container syndrome. Now, I do need to purge the old.


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