Tuesday, December 5, 2017

To-Do List Outcome.....November Update

Here's my November To-Do List and what got done and what didn't.......

* Pay Bills  DONE  Always first on my list of things to get done. All paid early or on time.

* Read 1, 2 Books  DONE  I read two of the books in the "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency" Series.  

They are a quick read but fun so I may hunt for some more in the Series at the Library next year.
And I also got halfway through this one before November ended.

As I am a history nut, this one is riveting!

*  Puppy to Vet for Shots   DONE

And he was NOT too happy about that!  Poor little guy yelped something awful. This mommy thinks it's because they wouldn't let me go back and hold him for the shot. 8-(

*  Get Giveaway Boxes Ready  DONE  

I gathered a bunch of my mostly Rite-Aid freebies and 6 mailing boxes and made up Giveaway Boxes for the next 6 months.  They are ready to go one per month at least until May 2018 as long as the little bit of blog revenue continues to roll in so I can afford to mail them all.  ;-)

*  Sell Stuff  DONE  While I wasn't able to sell anything on the local tag sale site I did get 8 things listed on eBay in November and sold $207.99 worth of goods.  

*  Make Motel Reservations  DONE  I made advance motel reservations for Hubs "rescue" mission using certain loyalty cards we have for two different chains to save a few dollars and earn some points toward future rewards.

*  Hold Giveaway  DONE

* Mail Giveaway  DONE  And I have it on good authority that the chocolates were the first things to be removed and "disposed" of. lolz

*  Declutter  DONE  Unpacking my dishware from the garage led to more decluttering of said dishware, which led to other things leaving the house as well.

*  Load to Sallie's  DONE  

Just some of what got carted off.  

A total of 24 more items left Chez Sluggy.

*  Clean Bathrooms  DONE  And just in the nick of time before Thanksgiving company arrived.

*  Change out Wardrobe  DONE...sort of  I got the Winter stuff out but there are some not-Winter stuff I didn't put away yet.  I'm calling this mostly done.

*  Unpack Dishes in Garage  DONE

Dishes are now residing in the Dining Room in the buffet.

*  Move Dishes in Kitchen  DONE  As part of the organizing dishes the ones hiding in the cabinets over the stove were moved to the new Buffet.  I put some items for the kids and things I can't display but want to keep in those inaccessible cabinets over the stove.

*  Get Blood Work Done  DONE  I got stuck and all the tests came back with good results. Yay me!

*  Pick-up College Boy  DONE

*  Turkey Day!  DONE  And it was yummy.

*  Take College Boy back  DONE 

And we got to see him again this past weekend.

*  Put Furniture together  DONE

With much gnashing of teeth and choice words it got done.  I am under pain of death orders NEVER to order furniture that has to be put together again. lolz

So we  basically got everything done that was on my list-a rare occurrence indeed!
Onward and upward to December's To-Do List.

What did you get done in November?



  1. A friend gave me a couple of the Alexander McCall Smith but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. Soon....ish! November has seen me in the workshop but I am winding things down in there as we get closer to Christmas.

  2. Good for you! I hate put together furniture - drives me bananas. I am surprised the vet wouldnt allow you in for the shots, ours did here in Canada - for everything we have ever had done except when he got put right under and had his man bits removed

  3. The first thing I do every month is pay the bills. Maybe I will end up broke on the third of the month, but the bills get paid. At one place I worked, people could not understand how I could be broke three days after we were paid. Well, I explained I had paid my bills. They said they kept money for eating out and fun even if some bills did not get paid. Incredible! So, they went to eat without me. And, I did not feel a bit bad.

    1. Honestly, I do the same thing. We also pay all the bills first before anything else.

  4. Well I say you are really lucky to have the buffet put together if Hub's were doing it , it would be upside down and backwards and I would be in tears.

  5. I got my craft room all sorted out and organized. It was a big task but I'm thrilled to have it done.
    I pay all our bills early too. I have a budget planned out at the start of each months pay cycle and then each bill gets paid as soon as it is received.
    You are so generous with your fun giveaways

  6. I'm about to post my goals budget for 2018. Furniture is on it, but only as part of bigger plans, so very little can be spent. this will mean second hand or the DIY stuff. I'll hear choice words either way.


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