Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I Need a Favor.....Please!!

So some of ya'll out there use to read my Cousin Sonya's blog A Mom, Money and More.
She stopped writing/blogging right before Thanksgiving of last year.

I can't go into what is going on but she's in a very dark place right now and more than anything she could use some positive thoughts and to know that there are people out there who care about her.

So if you have a minute and a spare card and a stamp, I'm asking that you send her a note of encouragement.  Her birthday is a few days after Christmas too so if you want to send a b-day card that would be much appreciated as well. 
She could also use some $$ right about now but I'm not going to send up a GoFundMe thing again because the last time I did that for someone, the supposed friend cut me out of her life shortly afterward. 8-(

Sonya is having a really rough patch so please, if you use to read her blog, take a minute to send her a letter/card of encouragement/friendship or even just say a few prayers for her.

I don't want to give out her address so if you want to send a card/letter, please email me(arcure at ptdprolog dotnet)and I'll supply you MY mailing address and in about 10 days I'll take all the cards received and box them up Priority mail and send them to Sonya.
More than anyone I know right now, she sure could use a care package of love. 8-)))

So email me asap please.



  1. Sweet of you to think of this. I'll send one with a "Sluggy sent me" message. 😊


  2. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'll send you email.

  3. Card went out in the mail this morning. Receiving some fun mail should lift her spirits.



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