Thursday, September 21, 2017

Shopping This Week

Here's the little bit of shopping I did since last Thursday.

While in Virginia over the weekend I picked up a few things to bring home...........

Some Walmart brand mayo when we did grocery shopping with Eldest son.
Hubs and I hit Ollies(Good Stuff Cheap!)while Eldest was working on Friday and I picked up some applesauce and mandarin orange cups and 2 bags of rice.
Then on the ride home we hit a Food Lion along the way to look for discounted meat deals and I picked up 4 containers of bouillon cubes for cheaper than I can find them for at home.

I also got a pork butt for $1.29 lb...............

I would have bought more(3 more I think)if we had brought the large cooler with us, but alas, we only have the small handheld one.
I want to smoke some butts, cut them to size and then put them into the chest freezer.  That way, we can have barbecue pork anytime we want this Fall/Winter.  You just can't smoke outside here once teh cold hits.  My smoker isn't electric, it's charcoal so the wind and cold keep you from regulating the smoking temperature.

Moving on.........

On Tuesday I had to go to Rite-Aid for drugs so I also picked these up.......

2 x Daylogic 3 blade razors on sale$5=$10.00
Add tax of .60¢ and this came to $10.60 which I paid for with PPs.
I earned back $10 in Plenti Points so .60¢ spent down in points for two razors.

The local Shursave market had a One Day sale(today)so I stopped in and picked up a few things..........

Their private label Greek yogurt was .50¢ a cup today only so I picked up 10.  I get the plain ones and use them to mix with sour cream in recipes(and dips)to bring calorie count and fat content down.  I also use these for breakfast, with the additional of a little honey or fruit and granola and flax seed.  I find the already fruited ones just too sweet.
The turkey breast are half price all week, .99¢ lb. with a limit of 2.  This makes for a cheap protein for dinners.

Cauliflower heads were .99¢ today only and the broccoli crowns were .99¢ all week.  The barbecue sauce was free with the e-coupon attached to my store card.

I am hoping to find a good deal on pork butts/shoulders this weekend or early next week as I'll be smoking said butts/shoulders then.
It looks like no tomato canning or relish making will happen this year.  We missed the peak of tomato picking at the farm we go to since we were gone the end of last week and the weekend.  I could still pick peppers for relish but I am just not "into" it right now.

I haven't been sleeping well so I am going to go attempt a nap, if the construction workers building a massive garage down the road stay on break long enough for me to conk out.

Did y'all find any good loss leaders at the stores this week?



  1. Pork butt @ 1.29 a pound is a steal here! So are turkey breasts for 99 a pound. You might want to smoke one of those breasts while you are smoking everything. I found stock up prices on ground chuck but other than mushrooms at Aldi nothing is a fantastic price this week.

  2. Good deal on the turkey breasts. I have 3 in the freezer. Humid and hot so no one but me is thinking ahead to grab the deal . . they are looking at steaks, grilling meats and cold prepared deli salads. My turkey breasts are chilling with a ham (setting aside for Xmas) that I bought in the middle of Summer. : )

  3. When I went to Publix to get my milk, I also got a sample of the wonderful food they cook and hand out. It was delicious, so I went back and talked to the cook.

    I have used Concord Tood brand of pouch mixes, but not often. They are usually about $1. While they were cooking this dish and maybe all this week, the mixes were 2 for $1. I bought four of the flavor she used--Broccoli Soup. She had used it over fresh asparagus instead of putting broccoli into the soup. I gave one of my four packs to J. Actually, this is about all the groceries I have bought.

  4. Im imaging the pulled pork in January will be so good. What a bargain.

  5. smokin butts that would be a great Indian name.

  6. Don't ya just love shopping on trips. I go up to visit my mom and Son/granddaughter in Oregon several times a year and hit all the stores we don't have here. Get the good deals and come home. lol. Plus some goodies I can only get up there. I take my coupon binder to maximize savings. They all laugh until they see what I get and what I pay for it. It's my "hobbie" that I love.

  7. I love your shopping trips. I got a free Betty Crocker brownie mix with store e-coupon and a fresh pineapple for .99 and fresh strawberries for $ 1.88.



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