Friday, March 17, 2017

So Over This

Last Friday morning we got 8 inches of snow and daughter and spent hours clearing the driveway so I could get the car out to go get College Boy later that day......

We still had 5 inches of that on the ground when the Nor'Easter hit Monday night/all day Tuesday.

Wednesday morning after another 24 inches fell looking out over the back deck.....

Screenshot of the weatherman from Tuesday morning.
Obviously we are, TOTALS, "localized 18"-20"+".

Then it snowed off and on all day Wednesday.

Daughter sitting in the snow while playing with her dog.
After about 2 minutes the dog was so done with snow.
She is such a weenie....especially for being part Husky. lolz

We got another 3-4 inches of snow on do the math, I don't even want to know!

College Boy had to dig a tunnel to the side of the house it was so deep, to dig out the heat compressor so we didn't lose power.
Then he dug a tunnel down the front lawn so he and daughter could get to the lower part of the driveway to at least dig out daughter's car in case she had school on Thursday.

You will notice that the shot below is late Wednesday(about 5 pm and the snow has stopped). Can you see the road?
Me neither.
Almost a full day since the main part of the storm on Tuesday and our township has only made one pass through on our road, as well as the main road through our development at this point.

I took the shot above while the guy we hired to plow us out was working on the driveway.  There was someone stuck on the main road through our development at the entrance to it and nobody could get in or out of here.  Luckily, the guy we hired knew that the development up the secondary road hooks into the development behind ours so he came in that way and found us eventually.

The guy we hired to plow us had to plow our street as well, just to get to our driveway.

Where the freak were our township plows for the last day?  Because they certainly weren't here!
We certainly don't have that many roads in our township!
 Remind me again why I pay taxes to the township?!?
What if someone had a medical emergency and an ambulance couldn't get to them for over a day and a half?

This shot above was taken of the infamous back deck on Thursday morning as the sun rose.
The deck railings are almost totally buried!

And at some point between midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and sunrise on Thursday the township plow FINALLY made a second pass so you could actually DRIVE on our road
Daughter was able to get out to the hardware store and buy some ice melt(as we had used all of ours on Wednesday but couldn't get out of the development to get more then).

This is what Hubs' and my car looked like Thursday morning.

By noon Thursday you can actually see some pavement thanks to the sunshine.
Today is sunny as well so we'll see more melting.  No flooding though since the temps are still below freezing but at least anything the sun shines on will melt.  Just don't plan on driving anywhere at night when it will all freeze up again and make a skating rink of the roads.
I'll be going out to run some errands today later.
Hopefully we have mail delivery today as we haven't had it since Monday.

All the schools have been closed all week(and most businesses on Tuesday and Wednesday), even the universities(which is rare)so Daughter is happy that her one week break turned into two weeks.
College Boy is not so happy to be on break with this crap going on.  It's seriously cut down on him hanging out with his friends.  He had to come home at 10:30 pm Monday when it started snowing and hasn't seen any of them since.

Hubs is suppose to take College Boy back to school on Saturday(tomorrow).  But we are suppose to get another small storm, up to 5 inches.
Oh goody.....

So College Boy may be stuck here an extra day and go back Sunday.

I am so over this.
At least I can say I was here for and survived the Blizzard of '17 in NEPA.
Can I move away from here now?



  1. that is an insane amount of snow. I keep thinking we are going to get some still, since four years ago, maybe three. we had a major snowstorm on May 1. Most important, you are so fully stockpiled, I can't imagine you would run out of provisions, and you all stayed safe.

    1. Yes, running out of food/toiletries isn't ever a problem here. lolz
      But running out of sanity? Mmmm, could happen! ;-)

  2. Oh my! You really have been hit with it. We are also in a snow belt and I agree, enough is enough!

  3. Yes you can move here and have my crappy rainy cold never ending winter...... But you also get me!

    1. I'd choose rain over snow at this point. And having you would be a bonus!

  4. Holy Moly! You really got hit. A friend of ours lives in a city on the other side of our state and he said the city won't plow their neighborhood streets (just the main arterials) but also they aren't allowed to hire a plow to dig out their streets, so it's almost impossible to get out and get to work So stupid!

  5. That is way too much snow for me! I bet bf is glad he moved south before all that shoveling had to be done. What are ice melts?

    1. Ice melt is a rock salt type of product you put down on ice/snow to melt it. It only works on -20F or something or above though. You buy it by the 50lb. bag.

    2. Thanks. Of course, I don't think that product is available in AL.

  6. That's some serious snow. I don't miss snow. Or cold.


  7. Wow, that is a serious amount of snow. I feel for you.

  8. Wow, you guys got whacked with snow, perhaps lucky that your daughter and son could help out but so so crappy that you need to try and shuttle him back in it.

  9. Come to sunny AZ where it is about to hit the 90s. perpetual sunshine.

  10. The first day of a blizzard is sorta exciting but after that it gets old real quick! Glad you survived the Blizzard of 2017!

  11. Head south! We get a big snow every ten or so years, everything shuts down and all you have to do is sit inside the house and drink coffee, or whatever your beverage of choice is.

  12. You certainly did win the who has more snow game this month. Hopefully more has melted by today. I have had issue with the property owner of my studio lease regarding snow removal. My lease includes the removal and landscaping though it's never done in my opinion well. The last two storms they plowed the entire parking lot except the four spaces that I pay for for my clients. This last big storm blizzard of 2017 I went in early to see what the lot looked like. I took photos and texted the owner. His repeat return reply is that snow quantity is a difficult situation and no the crew won't be returning. Besides, there are cars there. I wonder if this man is blind or truly just a jerk. There are no cars here. Why is it always my spots? Please haIve them co I wonder if this man is blind or if he's just a jerk me back and do the job you pay them to do. Argh. They did return and clear the spaces. But why can't they do them in the first place?


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