Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Wednesday out Shopping

I did a small grocery shop yesterday at Weis.

2 x Balance bars on sale=$2.
I used my last $1.50/2 Qs gotten from Rite-Aid so .25¢ each.

2 x Sea Best Haddock BOGO sale=$8.99 for 2 lbs. so 4.50 per lb after sale.

I also picked up 6 packages of fresh breaded chicken cutlets.
They were on sale for BOGO(reg. price $4 per package, so $2 per package)=$12.00
I paired these with 2 x $1.50/3 IPQ Perdue fresh breaded chicken items so $12.00-$3=$9.00 for all or $1.50 per package.

These keep for a long time in the fridge or throw them in the freezer to keep them for a year or so.
I like to have these on hand for various meals......chicken parm, chicken piccata, chicken w/fettucine alfredo, chicken marsala or even chicken sandwiches.  They are an easy shortcut to those meals when I don't feel like making a meal from scratch or someone else here has to do the cooking or someone wants a quick snack.

A 1/2 lb. of lunchmeat for Daughter's lunch rounded out this small shop and brought my total to $20.99.

I saved 55% over regular retail on the items and put the total on my Weis gift card bought last Fall so no OOP this year.
I have $45.01 left on that gift card.

I also made a stop at Dollar General.  4 specific food gift cards are 15% off purchase price this week there.

They only had the Domino's Subway and Taco Bell ones at this location, but no Wendy's.
I picked up $105 worth of gift cards for $89.25.  A savings of $15.75 on food we will be purchasing anyway so why not?
I might go out to a different Dollar General before Saturday evening when this sale ad ends to find the Wendy's gift card too as that brand rarely goes on sale around here.

Have you found any good deals this week?



  1. that's a great deal on the gift cards! We've been going to the Wendy's in the city, when we make a trip. They have the best fast food burgers we have ever had. The buns are so fresh and I've never tasted a fast food burger anywhere, like the ones at this particular Wendy's.

    1. I remember you saying that recently about your Wendy's. This brand is almost never included in the DG deals.

  2. The ads came yesterday, so I must look for the deals still! Is the deal at DG in their ad? How do you find this if not?


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