Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gift Card Organizing

Someone asked in the comments last week after I talked about buying discounted gift cards at Dollar General.........
"Cold you do a post about your gift card system?  We're starting to get a lot and I need a good way to organize them!"

So here you go.
I don't know how much of a "system" I have but over on the bookshelf by my desk lives this box.....

It's an old baby wipes box. I keep all my gift cards inside.

First thing is, if it's one of those variable amount cards(which you can pick the value you want put onto it)I write the value I got onto the cardboard display backing card it's attached to.  If that backing is not there(usually means I partially used it but there is $ still left on the card)I write the value of the card on a slip of paper and wrap that around the card with a rubber band(or paper clip).  You can see the "Chili's" card on the right in the photo also has a second card rubber banded to it with a slip of paper around it....that's a partially used card.

If I have multiple of the same brands of cards I also rubber band those together to keep them together.

All the food gift cards are then stacked and rubber banded together.  I also have retail store gift cards(department stores, home improvement stores, grocery stores, etc.)  Each category of stores is banded together and all are tucked into the wipes box.

I also keep a paper inventory of the gift cards--the list on the right in the above photo.  Each brand of card with a tally mark for how many cards I have and then the amount of value on all of each brand of card.

I try to update that list every time I used up a card, well, I update the amount of value for each brand.
Sometimes I forget and will redo the inventory list quarterly or at least semi-annually.
When a new gift card is bought though it is added to the inventory as soon as possible for that the list is somewhat accurate.

I also keep all receipts for each cards purchase.  If for some reason when I go to use a card at a future date and it doesn't work at the business I have proof of purchase when I go back to where it was bought to complain and get it replaced.
Knock on wood, I have never had a problem with a valid gift card not working(well, except for that McDonald's gift card my brother in-law gave College Boy for Xmas when he was little and it wouldn't scan and I had to PAY to have it mailed to corporate and replaced.....we NEVER buy McDonald's cards EVER since then, not that anyone here wants those anymore anyway).

The inventory list and the wad of receipts are also tucked into the gift card box.
I also keep all those store loyalty cards I don't regularly use in that box.
So if I need a gift card I just take out the card I want and tuck it into my purse before leaving the house.

Nothing earth shattering but it works for me.  ;-)



  1. That seems simple enough. Considering the age of your children, that is one old wipes container. I bought something from Radio Shack and got back a card with something like $46.53 on it. At Christmas I did not have much money and finally gave that to my teen grandson. His mother said he looked at the gift card for a long time and said, "Isn't this a strange amount for a gift card?" She laughed and told him the circumstance. He was okay, just wondering. I had told her what I was doing. I am sure whatever he got was over-priced, but it worked.

    I didn't realize you had such a stash of cards.

    I do wrap the receipts around the cards.

    1. When I don't have so many card I wrap the receipts around the card(s)too.

  2. That's a lot of cards! Are you good about remembering to take with you so if you end up at a store or restaurant you have your card? The most I had was after this last xmas (I had like 6) and I kept them in an envelope and sticky notes on them if they were partially used with the balance left. Now I have no cards :( LOL

    1. Usually at Xmas I get rid of some for gifts....this past year? Not so much. I am stockpiling food cards for a big road trip I am planning this Summer so that is why I have so many. ;-)

  3. I have a drawer that only holds gift cards that we receive and/or get for free with other deals. I too, leave the receipts in the box with the cards


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