Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January Eating Out Total

Considering all things, we did pretty well on the Eating Out in January.

"All things" would be.....

* Hubs was still incapacitated so I had all my stuff and his stuff on my stuff to-do list so I couple of times I got take-out for dinner.
* It was my Birthday month. We couldn't go out but I bought a proper Birthday cake with buttercream frosting and steaks at the supermarket.
* I treated College Boy to burgers at Red Robin before he went back to school but used a free to me gift card so only spent $1.48 OOP on this.  (My only win in this category.)
* There was take-out lunch bought on the trip to take College Boy back to school at Wendy's.
* Every time Hubs had a dr. appointment that I had to drive him to he wanted drive-thru food to take home to eat.
* And the BF left so I splurged and got Primo Hoagies for dinner before he left.....these are the expen$ive subs(42.38 for 4 subs-and that was with a $2 off discount!).

$168.52 spending on Eating-Out/Take-Out for January 2017.
The particulars are posted on the Eating-Out/Take-Out Spending page HERE.

One birthday in February coming up but College Boy won't be here so we'll take him out sometime on his school break in March or April.
I'm going to try to keep the Eating-Out to a minimum this month.

How did you do on your dining out/dining in spending for January?



  1. We had a record low in January. Stressing about a down payment will do that to you. ;-) We spent $21 on eating out in January. $7 of that shouldn't have been in there. I had a Starbucks gift card & bought a hot tea & a hot chocolate for myself & Sam before a soccer tournament. But, my app failed & I had to pay with cash. The rest was buying the kids lunch at Costco one day, plus a piece of pizza for Sam (also at Costco) on the way back from a soccer tournament. I pack food for the kids, but sometimes. . . it's just not enough. ;-) If only every month could be like our January dining out!

  2. $100/month is my budget. Should we use it up, and the kids are clammering for take out, they have to open their wallets. : )

  3. My DH travels for a living so he eats out all the time. He receives $25 for per diem but never spends this much. When he is home, he prefers home cooked meals so we don't go out. I personally rarely ever eat out.

  4. Considering the number of take out/dine out meals that total isn't bad at all! I had chinese, swiss chalet and went to the Wine and Food show for a total of almost $100!

  5. Husband and I ate out twice in January and both were just because we wanted to and both were good.
    For February, we've been out once for grandson #1's birthday, it was good too.
    We don't set an eating out budget, we just try to only do it because we really want to or for a special occasion,

  6. We did ok with not eating out in January, and are hoping to do the same this month. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. We had one show choir day, but that is all wrapped up in the activities budget. DH bought deli food, but counted in my grocery. I'm embarrassed to say I can't really remember, and didn't record very well.


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