Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Net Worth.....Jan. 2017 Update

We are actually up over $7.5k from December 1st's net worth overall(only liquid cash/investments/bonds, as I don't count housing or car values).  The retirement accounts were up $6K+ for January 1 2017 from the December 1 2016 calculations and the cash reserve/non-retirement accounts were up almost $1.5K.

We are up $91,601.13 from one year ago, in the January 1st of 2016's net worth snapshot.  

We are still in acquisition mode and Hubs still has a good income.  As for disability pay, that has kicked in at 100% of regular income but won't drop to the 70% rate until sometime in February if he still can't work from home or return to the offic by then.

Life happens and is expensive so save as much as you can for those rainy days no matter your age or how close/far away you are from retirement.

Did you increase your net worth last month?
Do you have a retirement plan in place?



  1. Life certainly does through some curve balls. Unexpectedly, I am retiring from a 30 year career BUT, I am well positioned,my CPA agrees. I am currently receiving full pay for 6 months, but am living on projected retirement income, so half of that, with the other half saved. I have added a second income. I am taking my last final tomorrow for gaining credentials to work in a new field and am actively job searching, needing to find something with insurance come Sept 1. I plan on working until I can go on Medicare. : ) Hopefully, my health agrees!

  2. We're up one percent from the previous month which doesn't sound like much, and really isn't much. :)

    We averaged an increase of 1.5% per month if we discount the increase in real estate value (which I do when I think about real financial progress) because we don't affect that figure in any way other than regular maintenance, the rest of our increase is actual savings.

    It's great that your disability coverage gives you as much as 100% at any time. Ours out here in CA only gave me 55% the entire time when I used it for maternity leave. I hope he heals up well before it drops, or at least enough to work from home.


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