Thursday, November 3, 2016

Last Trip for Weis Deals on Wednesday & Food Bank

Well I found another link for that $1.50/1 8 O'Clock Coffee Q(like their facebook page and scroll down to find a post with a link to another copy of that Q that can be printed off x 2) so I have 8 more prints of that Q but I decided NOT to use them today before this current sale at Weis ends.
These Qs are good until mid March and this brand coffee will be going on sale again there at least once before they expire, so I'll save them for later as I have already gotten 10 bags.  That should hold the coffee fiends around here for awhile....I hope. ;-)

So here is what I got Wednesday at Weis(PMITA)Markets in two separate photos as I couldn't get it all in one.
First the items that qualified for the Mix & Match 6/Get $3 Off Deal...........

2 x Hungry Jack pancake mix=$3.98
2 x Hungry Jack syrup=$3.98
2 x Tai Pei single serve lunches=$4.98
2 x Pillsbury cake mix/brownie mix=2.38
2 x Country Crock margarine=$5.98
2 x Weis soft cookies=$2.98

Coupons Used
2 x HJ $1.25/2 1 mix/1 syrup IPQ=$2.50
2 x Tai Pei $1/1IPQ=$2.00
1 x Tai Pei $1/2 Weis QBook=$1.00
2 x Country Crock .55¢/1 IPQ(doubles to $1)=$2.00
2 x Instant $3 off wyb6=$6.00
Coupon Total=$13.50

$24.28-$13.50=$10.78 for all OR .90¢ paid per item above.
I was going to get more Scotties tissues but they were out so I had to get cake/brownie mix and cookies.  Awww, I am so sad to be forced to buy cookies......  ;-)

Then I also got all this......

2 x Weis ketchup @.77¢ ea.=$1.54
2 x Prego Farmer's Market pasta sauce @ $3 ea.=$6.00
2 x Pace Salsa @ $3 ea.=$6.00
2 x Gratify gluten-free crackers @ $2.50 ea.=$5.00
2 x Louis Kemp sea legs BOGO=$3.49
4 x Perdue chicken cutlets BOGO=$8.00
1 lb. mushrooms 50% off sticker=$1.99
1 lb. TranSea sea legs 50% off sticker=$2.00
Bakery muffins 50% off sticker=$2.00
Bakery rolls 50% off sticker=$1.49
Bakery bagels 50% off sticker=$1.29
Also not pictured is a box of Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches=$4.00 *reg. price item*
SubTotal for this lot......$42.80

Coupons Used (watch the total magically lower)
2 x Prego .50¢/1 IPQ(doubles to $1)=$2.00
1 x Prego $1/2 Weis QBook=$1.00
2 x Pace .50¢/1 IPQ(doubles to $1)=$2.00
1 x Pace $1/2 Weis QBook=$1.00
2 x $2/1 Gratify item IPQ=$4.00
2 x Louis Kemp $1/1 item IPQ=$2.00
2 x Perdue $1.25/2 prepared items IPQ=$2.50
Coupon Total....$14.50


$10.78+$28.30=$39.08 OOP  (no taxable items)

Spent $39.08, saved $60.44(over reg. retail), savings percentage of 60%.
Now THAT'S how to start off a new month of grocery savings!  8-)

The glulten-free crackers were an impulse buy(well, impulse with coupons).  No one here has gluten issues so I'll either work them into a Christmas gift basket for someone OR haul them up to the food bank before the end of 2016 in a donation.

And speaking of Food Bank Donations......

I have taken a break most of this year from shopping extras to donate to our local food bank.
There are two reasons for this--
First off our eldest is having a hard time with money being tight so if I have extra I would like to supplement his pantry first.  Charity beings at home and all that.
And secondly, Daughter decided to move back in earlier this year and bring her BF(with our blessing)so she could finish her degree and have a better chance in life supporting herself well.  I knew our expenses would be going up so I stopped contributing around April to the food bank for the short term, until I could get a feel for just how much more we would be shelling out around here for the household costs.

I am considering resuming buying extras again to give away as long as I can get needed items for cheap or free.  And if I shop prudently I know I can at least help a little and it not impact our finances very much.

So if you can spare something, remember your local food bank/pantry not only this Holiday Season but all year long.  The need does NOT go away after Christmas is over.


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