Saturday, November 12, 2016

Goings On Around Chez Sluggy Lately

Oh, where to start.

My drug regime shake up has had some positive results on me.....well, after my angioedema/hives episode happened.
First off I had ENERGY last week!  That's something I've had none of most of this year.
I am actually getting things accomplished that I've wanted to do for months.
Go me.

Last week I........
* Cleaned out my painting supplies(plus washed the tubs I keep these in).
* Cleaned out the pantry
* Cleaned out the cabinet to the left of the stove
* Did some reorganizing in the garage/stockpile
* Cleaned the bookcase next to my desk
* Got together a Food Bank Donation
* Got a Salvation Army Donation ready to go
* Went through some files and purged a bunch of paper
* Cleaned and vacuumed my car(This is something I NEVER do!)

All this was in addition to my usual routine of cooking/laundry/shopping/blogging/etc.

And all this moving around has had me losing weight too, 8 lbs. so far.  I suspect one of the meds I was on that I am now off of was hindering me dropping weight.  Has to be a combo on exercise and off the drug as my food type/intake has not changed at all.

And then Daughter got sick and shared her grunge with me.
This week has been spent in a brain fog and 1 activity.....just trying to be able to breath out of my nose. ;-)
I suspect if this thing doesn't loosen it's grasp on me by Monday I'll be sitting in the Urgent Care early next week.

Another thing I got done last week was to prepare a whole slew of Giveaway boxes......

The open box is for December's Giveaway and the stack contains goodies for 6 Giveaways for 2017.
As long as the blogging ad revenue continues to come in(in drips and drabs)and I can cover the postage to mail these boxes with that tiny income stream(and I get stuff for Free to use as prizes)the Giveaways will continue!

So barring catastrophes I am well ahead of the game for at least half of next year on this score.
I just need to figure out where to store these boxes in the house until needed. First world blogger problems, eh? lolz

Putting these boxes together came out of cleaning the dining room.  I had a large box of toiletries in there that needed to be moved out before Thanksgiving as we'll need that room then.  This box was overflow from the toiletries stash in tubs up in Hub's man cave room.  So instead of shoving them goodness knows where in the house and then trying to dig it all out to make up prize boxes for Giveaways I just "got 'er done" now and that potential job is off my plate.  I can just photograph the contents and write up each Giveaway post as needed next year.  I think I have room under the daybed that the dog spends her days napping on in the living room to tuck these away until needed.  This hiding place will be easy to access too.

Here is the Food Bank donation I gathered so far......

Assorted foodstuffs and 10 bottles of shampoo

I'll probably add to the food component before I take this all in next week, as I will be reorganizing the stockpile in the garage some more and will most probably find more "goodies".

And speaking of the garage, next week once I am feeling like myself again I need to concentrate on going through stuff in the garage to donate to charity.  Between the stockpile, Daughter and BF's stuff and all my old eBay selling days stuff out there it's just too, too much in there and I am ready to let go of more crap!

I want to do at least another 4 Salvation Army donations before the end of the year(not counting the one ready to go this weekend).  I've still got lots of new/unused toys and gift wear and this is the time of year that sort of stuff is highly sought after for gifting in the charity stores.
I'd rather donate and take the tax write-off(if we hit the threshold this year-last year we didn't)than spend lots of time and energy on eBay attempting to sell it.
There are a few items if I get the "umph" that I will try to sell....mostly items I know I can get a good price for(to make the hassle worthwhile).

Ok, I am off to breath and maybe get some more cleaning/organizing done today.
Oh, and a trip to Rite-Aid too if I can sustain some energy long enough to do that. 8-)))

What are y'all up to today?



  1. Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Losing weight is the best motivator to keep you going I find!!! Your health and energy and outlook can often be driven by weight, so I encourage you to set a goal and keep going! Break the cycle as they say and don't be part of the American epidemic!!! Best of luck. You should blog about it and receive support on here. I'm sure your readers would be thrilled! How kind to make a food bank donation. That will be hugely appreciated by a family no doubt!

  2. Stop it! Just Stop! you make me look like a sluggard. I am looking forward to the day I have more energy! Good for you.

    Before Sunday night I need to get 120 mycokerewards posted. Today, I am trying to declutter the car.

  3. Sorry you are sick. I am going on day 9 of the head crap myself... was at Urgent Care last week and they said it is just congestion... if it is not better by tomorrow or Monday I wll be back at Urgent Care. Sigh. Way to go on getting stuff done and getting things prepped in advance! That is awesome! I have been just taking things day to day and trying to get some things done as well. Yesterday, I did clean out our pantry and got 2 bags full of food for my kids to take to school Monday for their "Food For the Hungry" drive. Now I am trying to find the energy to get laundry done.

  4. Feeling low energy myself so daughter practiced driving and brought me to Dollar Tree to buy plastic containers for a soup swap tomorrow. Five moms, five recipes, then we'll each take home one ofeach kind. I'm hoping I have enough energy. I have mounds of laundry that needs folding, dusting, vaccuuming, and other cleaning, but DD is helping/doing most.

  5. Glad you have enough energy to do some cleaning. The massive cleanup I have been doing is kicking my butt, but I am keeping at it. I am ready for it to end!

  6. All good news (except for the grunge). I have become addicted to getting rid of stuff and have developed an aversion to shopping. With each purge, I re-evaluate what's still here and I keeping finding that there are more things I can do without. What I really want, I can't buy in a, peace, hugs, and friends like you. :-)

  7. Did you ever think that all the steroids they shot you full of might have given you your new found super powers? They are a miracle drug. kl

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! I sure hope you feel better soon.


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