Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weis Buys & What I've Been Up To

I managed to get up to Weis(PMITA)Markets this week and get a few deals.
They had their .88¢ wyb8 items Deal so I picked up some cheap Gatorade2s, canned tuna and dehydrated potatoes.
I spied 1 last package of those reduced chicken sausage links with a $1 off instant discount sticker so that leapt into my shopping cart along with a instant discount package of sausage meat.

I also found lovely London Broils marked down to $2.68 lb.  With more carnivore mouths to feed this Summer I picked up 3 x 2 lb. hunks.  Heck, I can't get Ground Beef for that low a price! lolz

I went into the store to get bags of coffee as 8 O'Clock brand was BOGO.  I had 2 x $1.50/1 and 1 x $1/1 coupons which made by 6 bags bought $2 per for 4 of them and $2.24 for the last 2 of them.

I got some other things(50% off salad greens and 50% off croissants among them)and left the store $57.93 poorer.
But I did do well as I saved 57% on my shop over regular retail price...woohoo!

Hubs went out of town mid-week for a conference so I've been holding down the fort and getting shit done here.

I got my car serviced.
I went to the bread outlet.
I handled the repairman coming to replace our HVAC compressor.
I dyed my hair.
I ordered/picked up some prescriptions(w/out buying anything else at Rite-Aid!).
I moved fabric and toiletries out of the "Toiletry Room".
I went through my clothes and changed out items for the season.
I called about surgery costs(that was a pointless fiasco).
I ordered Bi-Pap supplies.
I got money for the trip.
I cleaned bathrooms.
I moved dirt around the house.
I did laundry and dishes.
And I blogged a little too boot.

So that's been my week.
Got vital things done and kept from stressing out of the coming month....mostly.

Hubs is off today picking up my Mother's Day gift aka College Boy is coming home tonight. lolz

It's been raining here for a solid week and it's about time that stopped NOW! ;-)

What's going on in your life?



  1. Send some of that rain Western Canada way! Isn't it funny how you can get so much shit done when your hubby is away? When you don't have to plan gourmet meals and can eat a sandwich or have cereal for dinner if you want to?

    1. So true! Just grab something and continue to whittle down the To-Do list. lol
      Wish I could send the rain as it's getting old here.

  2. I loved the move dirt around. I love it when hub's gone I can get so much more done.

    1. Have fun moving your dirt around too. hehe

  3. Mine never leaves! Now I know my organizational problem.

  4. There was a Kraft sale here and I got the Kraft chunks of 8 oz. medium cheddar for $1.69.

  5. I had a really nice Mother's day- my daughter, SIL and almost 2 year old GD have been visiting for almost 10 days. We've done a lot and daughter has helped me feel better about the election but then she lives in San Francisco! I'm still going all out after the conventions to make sure Donald is not elected. It's been spendy and I bought my new Prius the last day of April- I love that car. The next 2 weeks I am on a spending diet YAY and a calorie one too! Of course, it looks like my oven just died but I do have the cash to replace it. Those things always happen at the wrong times! I'm counting my blessings.


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