Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shopping This Past Week

Well I went to Maine Source earlier this week since they were having their Customer Appreciation Sale.  Once a year everything in the store is 10% off, even stuff that they NEVER put on sale.
How could I NOT go? ;-)
I spent $62.56, picking up 3 jugs of a favorite peach tea, a large jug of a sesame dipping sauce(we use for potstickers.....a jug lasts us about 2 years), a gallon of Russian dressing, a quart of plain yogurt, a bag of russets, roma tomatoes, asparagus, 5 lb. of freshly ground beef, a 20 lb. bag of onions, and some paper plates as we are almost out.
The produce and meat were already on sale so the 10% addition off on those was a bonus.

I also hit the Dollar Tree as we were out of potstickers and bottled lemon juice.  Also bought were egg noodles, breadcrumbs, wine vinegar and rolled breakfast sausage.  We like the brand sold for $1 at Dollar Tree plus even though it's got more fat in the mix than the premium brands at the grocery stores, it's a better deal penny for penny.  This brand is .10¢ per ounce while the average premium brands run .25¢ per ounce.
Total spent at Dollar Tree was $20 OOP.

Hubs picked up some bottled water, a cuke, grape tomatoes and slicing tomatoes this week too, at that local Shursave affiliate grocer, for $7.45.

Hubs also stopped at Target to use that $3 Catalina I got before Easter.  He picked up 2 packs of mushrooms for $3.98, so spent .98¢ OOP.  I used the shrooms in my Rustic Beef Bourguignon.

A quick run to Weis(PMITA)Markets yesterday for more mushrooms, lettuce, pearl onions, milk, 50% off green tea, 50% off bakery items(including a small cheesecake for Hubs birthday)and potato chips Hubs requested cost another $21.25.
I also picked up a small package of P&P loaf lunch meat.......

I've never had this before so I thought for .99¢, why not?  I don't make a habit of buying processed lunch meats(due to the sodium content)so this was a special treat.....well, if I like it. lolz
Surprisingly it's not as sodium-filled as I had thought at first glance.
P&P stands for pickles and pimento by the way, but looking at the ingredient list it seems the second "p" is actually for red peppers.
Hubs was shocked to learn at the store that I had never eaten this lunch meat in my youth.
His family growing up was frugal because they had no money basically so he ate whatever lunch meat was cheapest for lunches because that's what his mom bought.  Usually it was PBJ or bologna but on occasion the lunch meat du jour had been p&p loaf.

So we've spent $112.24 last week on groceries.

I also popped into Rite-Aid this week to do a quick transaction and try to use Ibotta at Rite-Aid. Using Ibotta is different at R-A since you have to unlock rebates and then link your Plenti card to the Ibotta app on your phone and verify purchases/have your phone on and with the Ibotta app open on it at the time of the purchase to get credit for those rebates.  You don't submit a receipt to the app after your purchases at home.  I was dubious it was going to work since there was nothing on the phone to scan or anything but I got an email this morning that I got that rebate. yay!
Ya is right because now I don't have to return the St. Ives. ;-)

Here's what I bought.........

2 x St. Ives facial scrubs bogo50%=$7.93
1 x large Purex detergent 50% off=$6.14

I used a $1/1 St. Ives Scrub ManuQ knocking the total down to $13.07.
Sales tax added another .78¢ so my total was $13.85 and I used Plenti Points to pay this amount.

I earned $3 in new Plenti Points for buying the St. Ives.
I earned $3 cash rebate on Ibotta for buying the St. Ives. already received
I earned another $1 in Plenti Points as I activated an offer on my Plenti account online for$1 off St. Ives. already received
I also earned $5 in Plenti Points as I activated an offer on my Plenti account online for Purex(spend $15 get $5 in points-this put me over the $15 needed-I had used a rain check 2 weeks ago and bought 6 jugs of the smaller Purex jugs at $1.99, paying with a free R-A gift card). already received

So $13.85 in Plenti Points used and $12 in a combination of Plenti Points and Cash Rebates earned back, making this a $1.85 "spent down in Plenti Points" transaction for me.

1 x 150 load laundry detergent and 2 facial scrub products for $1.85 including tax isn't too bad, right 8-)

So that's about all I got here.
Did you find anything that was a good buy last week at the stores?



  1. Love P & P loaf, Boars Head makes a version. Grew up eating it as well, but the sliced at the Deli version. Been recouperating from planned surgery, doing well, slowly rejoining the world. Greatest complaint is fatigue, so just taking a shower means I need a nap! Dd has been grabbing food at my request, we've ordered out far more than I am comfortable with-both financially as well as health wise, as I, too, am on a low salt diet.

  2. I'd probably like that sandwich meat but never heard of it before. Love the St Ives scrubs-thats a deal and with summer coming eventually, I'll use it on elbows, knees, ankles, and feet to make skin warm weather clothes friendly.

  3. A big suck on the pickle loaf. UCK.
    I'm not sure if I'm going to make a CVS run or not this week. I'm close to the $200 mark and don't want to go over. My stockpile is growing though. We went a long time without being able to get stuff for free. Now it seems that things are picking up.

  4. The loaf made me laugh. The p and the p are the two KNOWN ingredients!! What else goes in lunch meat?!??! I don't even want to know. Haven't eaten it since I was ten!


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