Monday, February 29, 2016

The Rite-Aid Standings

I went to Rite-Aid last night but just to do the moneymakers........

2 x Dove 'Poo on sale=$6.00
2 x Colgate toothpaste on sale=$5.98

Coupons Used
1 x $3/2 Dove 'Poo ManuQ=$3.00
2 x $2/1 Colgate Total toothpaste IPQ=$4.00
Coupon Total........$7.00

$11.98-$7=$4.98 + .36¢=$5.34
I paid with Plenti Points and earned back $7 in new Plenti Points($3 wyb2 Dove, 2 x $2 Colgate paste) so a $1.66 moneymaker.
Plus there is a $3 off 2 Dove hair products offer on SavingStar which the 'Poo qualified for so I'll get another $3 in cash rebates for buying this stuff......bringing this to a $4.66 moneymaker.  8-)))

I'll put this trip onto March's Rite-Aid totals as I've already closed out the books on February "spending".....not that this trip qualifies for "spending". lolz

So where do I stand with all things Rite-Aid.

In the last 2 months I've brought home $1239.11 of goods for zero OOP.
As far as Plenti Points go, one card has $52.85 currently and the other $77.22 on it.
I also have $42 in cash from "post coupon" situations since Jan. 1st......

This is when they forget to process the coupons I hand them before the clerk finished out the transaction.  Sometimes it's my fault sometimes it's their.  This $42 represents $42 in additional Plenti Points my cards should have at this point.
But I really prefer the cash after all, you can spend it anywhere. lol
I keep this wad of bills stashed in my wallet so that IF I ever run out of points or gift cards(given to me by family for Xmas/birthdays/etc.)I won't have to spend "my" money.

I also have $43.12 in my SavingStar Rebate account but some of that amount is not from Rite-Aid buys but from grocery store purchases.  I cash that out and count it into my figures at the end of the year.

With these two beginning of the year promotions over with at Rite-Aid now I'll be going less frequently and usually only to get the freebies or the moneymakers.



  1. You just have too much fun!!!!
    CVS has been bad to me lately. With the new system, it seems that they scan and then don't deduct plus they keep my coupon. I really have to watch them now. Plus there is a new manager and he isn't quite friendly. It seems he isn't a coupon friendly sort of man. I'm thinking I'm going to have to change CVSs.

  2. You are my idol, I need to do a rite aid shop soon. I have NO time I tell you....

  3. I'm going to start petitioning for a CVS around here...


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