Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Friday Ad Shopping.....Stretching a Nickel at Rite-Aid

Well it is done.

My Rite-Aid Black Friday Weekend Shopping that is!

I was up early Thursday to start cooking but before I began I made a quick trip to Rite-Aid to start getting the freebies.  I didn't have enough Plenti Points to get them all in one trip/in one day so I had to plan to go each of the 3 days of the sale to maximize my point usage.

I arrived 10 min. before the door opened.  I thought they opened at 7am on Thursday but it was 8am.
I left the house around quarter of 8 and was shocked to find the store wasn't open yet when I arrived. lolz
They opened at 7 am on Friday not on Thursday so I sat in the car a few minutes.  No biggie.

I went in having my scenarios all written and mapped out and in which order/priority to get items(since I didn't have enough Plenti points on either card to get everything the first day).  If they didn't have something I just went down the list to the next freebie.
Even doing 2 transactions(one for each card)I was in and out in under an hour.  There were people still wandering the aisles when I left who had gotten into the store before me.  Obviously they didn't have a plan. ;-)

I got this on my Son's card........rolling most but not all of the Plenti Points on it.

The freebies were the hair brushes, Sharpie pens, Tresseme trial bottles, Kleenex, Nail polish, cookie packs, light bulbs, gift tape, and small Russell Stover candy boxes.

The "moneymaker" items(due to the 20% Wellness discount being lower than the sale price and/or I also used a coupon)were the earbuds(.76¢, toothbrushes(.75¢, dental floss, Lubriderm lotion and Clear shampoo(.01¢ the gift pack of Planters nuts($5.60 ea. mm!).
The nuts were suppose to be a .01¢ ea. moneymaker(after rain check and Plenti Pts. earned)but the cashier somehow adjusted for the rain check too much and I was only charged .39¢ for each gift pack.  I tried to tell her they were ringing up too low but she was not having it.  lolz

Also, not only was the Clear 'poo a moneymaker but one of the bottles had a full sized bottle of conditioner attached to it as a freebie. Woohoo!

I spent $58.40 in points and earned back $68 in new points.  No $ spent OOP.

After that bunch I got this on my card..........rolling ALL the Plenti Points on this card but with tax I was a nickel over so owed them .05¢ OOP. ;-)

The freebies were the 1 Tresseme trial bottles, Kleenex, cookie packs, light bulbs, gift tape, Colgate Optic White(stacking a R-AQ and a ManuQ)and small Russell Stover candy boxes.

The "moneymaker" items(due to the 20% Wellness discount being lower than the sale price and/or I also used a coupon) were the toothbrushes(.75¢, dental floss(.01¢ the Colgate enamel toothpaste(.25¢

I used all $36.19 worth of Plenti Pts. on this transaction plus I went over my points total and owed a nickel.  Instead of putting that .05¢ on my free R-A gift card I slipped up and paid with a nickel in cash. ;-)
I earned back $39.00 in new points on this lot.

Then on Friday it was all about rolling more Plenti Pts. for whatever freebies were left on the shelves and then buying items we wanted that were very cheap OOP after sale/coupons.

First I bought all this on my son's card..............Zero OOP.

The freebies were 6 Nivea lotion tins.

The "moneymaker" items were the earbuds(.76¢, Max-Freeze pain rub($2 the Eucerin lotion tubes(.05¢

After sale/coupons/new points the 4 cans of Pringles cost .32.5¢ ea., the Carmex 3 pack cost .13¢, the 2 bottles of nail polish cost .19¢ ea., the bleach and dish soap cost .86.5¢ ea., the Toblerone chocolate bars were $1 ea., the Tic-Tacs were .45¢ ea. and the Venus razor packs cost .29¢ per pack.

I spent $47.52 in Plenti points and earned $41 in new points on this transaction.
Nothing OOP.

I also bought $100 in Home Despot gift cards on son's Plenti card using $100 of our home maintenance/repair Budget and received $20 in new Plenti points on this card.

I then turned around and used my Plenti card and bought another $100 in HD gift card using home/repair Budget funds and received $20 in new Plenti points on that card.

And this lot was bought on my card........

The freebies were 6 Nivea lotion tins and Sally Hansen polish.

The "moneymaker" items were the earbuds(.76¢, the Eucerin lotion tubes(.05¢ the Clear shampoo(.01¢

The other nail polish cost .19¢ per bottle, and the M&Ms after sale/Q were $1.50 a bag.
The Cerave lotion was on clearance for $2.64 and I used a $3/1 Cerave ManuQ so this was a .36¢ moneymaker.

This transaction used $39 in Plenti pts. and earned $36 in new pts.  With the tax I owed .61¢ after all my points were used and that amount was put on my free R-A gift card so again Zero OOP.

On Saturday was a few more items to pick up, first on my son's more freebies except the toothpaste......

3 large boxes of Russell Stover chocolate for $9.99 total($3.33 a box).
4 bags of Doritos(one is missing as it was pounced upon at the door lolz)for $7.96 total and gave back $2 in points so "cost" $1.49 per bag.
2 bags of M&M's with sale and Q were $3 total and I activated a Plenti reward of $1 in points online so each "cost" $1 per bag.
2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste was free after sale and stacking in-ad RAQ with ManuQ.
3 boxes of Tic Tacs were $1.35 total after B1G2F sale and B1G1 Q so .45¢ each.

$22.08 in Plenti points used and $3 in new Plenti points earned and Zero OOP.
$65 in PP left on this card.

And this stuff on my card................

Freebies on this card were the Tresemme travel size, 2 x Scunci hair bands.  After sale/points back/coupon the Venus razors were .29¢ per package.
After activating the M&Ms $1 wyb2 Offer on this Plenti card and using sale and a coupon each bag cost $1.

$19.52 in Plenti points used, $16 in new points earned on these items and Zero OOP.
$52.48 in Plenti points left on this card.

Total regular Rite-Aid retail price on everything I bought?  $500.36
Total OOP paid?  .05¢(when I forgot to use my free R-A gift card to pay).
All the rest of the OOP was paid on a gift card(.61¢)or rolling/using Plenti Points.

Now THAT is what I call Black Friday Weekend shopping! 8-)))



  1. Wow!!!! You Rock!!! Love it when we can make it work.

    Have a great one, Janie

  2. The clerks probably weep when you walk through the door, because you are amazing with the deals! My big deal is that I had to pick up tea last night (Rite Aid is legit the closest place to my house) & found a Pay Day that was a money maker. I don't even like Pay Day, but figure one of the kiddos will consider it a serious treat. And, I've been buying the gift cards for points, which means I'm still out of pocket, but all for things I would have purchased either way. I have around $60 in plenti points, & I love that they don't expire for quite some time!

  3. I read the WHOLE post to exbf. I asked him if it bored him--yes, the details. I asked what most impressed him--bottom line.

    Yes, he was impressed with the bottom line of only spending a nicke for over $500 worth of merchandise.

    I must try some of this. I have myPlenti card, but so for have done nothing with it.

    I must say that once again, I am dazzled.

  4. WOW! I can't even begin to understand how you did all that. Good for you.

  5. Wow, I only went once, and I was able to get many of the things you got. But I ran out of time with the weekend. Also received your box although it ended up with dance studio props coming in from the mail service. I was sorting packages and found one from you, so excited. It was like Christmas morning, I popped a cough drop immediately:).


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