Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To-Do List Outcome for August


* Pay Bills  DONE
All done and on time or early cuz that's how I roll....

* Bike 90 miles  DONE
93 miles were done in August.  September's mileage will be a lot less I am fearing since I haven't been back on the bike since Sept. 1st(and I only did 2 miles that day).

* Pack CB for college  DONE
 College Boy and his stuff packed with hours to spare. lolz

* Take CB to college DONE
Van rented, packed with crap and College Boy and his stuff dropped off, and van returned.
2 more times we get to go through this ritual......oh joy! lolz

* Go to last follow-up eye appointment  DONE
Both eyes are good to go now. yay!

* Use Hand Weights 5 days FAIL
Does thinking about using them count? lolz

* Finish sewing nightgown WORKING ON
I got everything but the neck bias tape/trim done and the hem(and sleeve hems)done.  So close to finishing....

* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them FAIL
This one I didn't even think about all month.  I suck.

* Write a letter FAIL
Nope.  If I can get Hubs to bring me paper tomorrow I can do this.....and being bedridden I have no excuses since I have little else to do and my eyes work fully now.

* Can/freeze some more fresh produce  DONE
I froze a mess of summer squash.  Not enough green beans and/or tomatoes were picked to can or freeze anything else. sigh.

* Clean CB's room WORKING ON
I got most of the room finished the first week after he left for school.  Still need to dig out the crap from under his bed and vacuum the carpeting.  Vacuuming will be awhile longer because the vacuum is kaput and I need to buy a new one. bleh.

* Clean pantry  DONE
It looks a tad better in the photo but it is MILES better in function.

* Reorganize/clean Stockpile in Garage  DONE


These are only 4 shelves in the photos but all the various shelving units were gone through and organized.(I keep items in plastic bags-dried beans-and cardboard boxes-pastas & baking mixes-either in the pantry in the kitchen or in sealed Rubbermaid type tubs.) Uh oh....I just spied boxes of Jiffy pie crust mix on the shelves.  I need to relocate those into the sealed tubs.

Ok, that's my August results.  3 Fails that go until September's To-Do List and hopefully I can turn at least 2 of them into Dones or Working Ons,
September's list is still in progress.  The longer this foot has me sidelined the longer it will take to finalize this month's To-Do List.  ugh.

How did you do accomplishing items on your list for August?



  1. I think that you had a really good month!!!
    I am sorry you aren't feeling well. I would go nuts if I couldn't get out and about. But it looks like you could live off of your stockpile for about 2 years. Ours maybe 2 months.
    Feel better my cousin.

  2. You overdid last month and that is my job. No wonder your foot is on the fritz. But enjoy the time off I am sure you will come up with another list, I just know you have it in you. Enjoy your daughter and be grateful she does want to plan a wedding........x

  3. I've never planned a monthly list but instead a weekly one. I hope you get better soon and Sonya,I have to agree about the stockpile LOL. I used to have a lot of books but I gave them away- so much more peaceful for me and I'm the same with clothes. Of course, in my case, I'm about 3 minutes from several grocery stores and maybe 5 minutes from a couple of drugstores and restaurants!

  4. I don't think you should count any fails. You had so many successes that they outweigh anything that did not get done. Heck, just organizing your stockpile would have worn me out for the month.


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