Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Couple of Genealogy Break Throughs!

Not that my Hubs is even remotely interested in his ancestry but I have been working on and off on his family tree since I signed up for an Ancestry website account.

His paternal side search has been slow going over the years because A-his grandfather was the first one of that line to immigrate to America and it was in the early 20th century and, B-the spelling of the name is always mangled in official documents in this country.

Since I don't have an international Ancestry dotcom account any document in other countries has been off limits to me, except for a few.
Add in that Hubs didn't even know his paternal grandmother's correct name and there wasn't much on this part of the tree, while his mother's side I can go back at least 3 and as many as 5 on some lines of her ancestry.  A truly lopsided, stubby tree. lolz

Then this past Sunday I went back to recheck if there were any new "hints" on the paternal side of that tree.
And someone evidently had either been to Sicily or had someone in Sicily do some document searching for them because they have a tree on Ancestry with Hubs paternal line(s) going back 4-5 generations past Hubs grandfather, complete with photos of the documents proving it all!

Then also on Sunday someone doing genealogical research for a family emailed that she has found a DNA match with a person in that family and College Boy's dna sample which I uploaded to the GEDMatch websiteIt's a family with origins in Italy so I know the match is from genes CB inherited from Hubs and not me.

We have been emailing and we think we have isolated the particular line in common.  Hubs 2 x Great Grandmother on his father's, father's, father's line has the same surname as this family working with the genealogist who contacted me.

And had I not found the information on this other tree for Hubs' ancestors on Ancestry on Sunday, I couldn't have helped make this connection at all!

The problem is I have very little on this line's surname, only the father of Hubs 2xGGrandmother and it dead ends there(dates or places either other than Sicily)so I hope this genealogist can make the link from her family to this fragment of a line in Hubs' tree.

This doesn't help me on my ancestral search but I am nonetheless thrilled.  Having more to pass down to my kids and beyond is great!



  1. I love genealogy! I'm on Ancestry as well. I've been actively doing it since 2007. Last week I order the DNA kit and I am anxious how that turns out. Genealogy gets into your blood and is hard to shake.

    1. What test are you taking, mitochondrial or autosomal, or both?


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