Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Went to Rite-Aid & Weis

Yes, shocking I know!
I actually went to Rite-Aid to get a freebie and some bottle water but ended up getting 2 other items as well once I got into the store.......

The bottled water(not pictures)was 2 cases for $4 and you go $1 back in Plenti Pts. so effectively it was $1.50 per case.  Best price around here now for bottled water.
College Boy carted all of my bottled water off to college so I needed to restock that.

The razor(pack of 4 disposables)was on sale $7.
There was an in-ad Q for $3 off which I combined with a $4/1 Manu. Q, making it free.

The Neutrogena soap was BOGO 50% off....$3.29 for one + $1.64 the other=$4.93 a pair and gave back $5 in Plenti Pts. per pair so effectively free.

The Suave 'Poo is 2/$6 and you get back $3 in Plenti Pts. when you spend $10 on this item.
So 4 bottles cost me $12(over the $10 threshold), minus 1 x $3/2 Suave ManuQ(from Sunday's inserts) + minus 1 x $3/2 Suave Load2Card Q.
$12-$6=$6 + $3 in Pts. back.
BUT.....there is a SavingStar electronic Q for $3/2 Suave 'Poos so I'll get $3 in a cash back rebate in that account making this deal $12-$6Qs=$6-$3 Pts.=$3-$3 Savingstar rebate=$0.
Free 'Poo!

Going into this transaction I had $16 in Plenti Pts.

At the register the money was like this.....
$32.86 Subtotal, Minus $13 in Qs, Equals $19.86.  I used $14 of my Points(since my items would give me back $14 in Points)which brought the total to $5.86 + .96¢ tax=$6.82.
I paid $6.82 with my Rite-Aid gift card.
I got $14 in new Plenti Pts.
I'll get $3 of the $6.82 I spent on the gift card back in a rebate, effectively making everything "cost" $3.82, which is basically 3/4 of the price of the cases of water plus tax.
$47.79 worth of regular retail goods for $3.82.

And I still have $16 in Plenti points.

The one good thing about this new Plenti Points system is that I don't have to "spend" my points within 2 weeks like with the +Up Rewards system.
So I don't have to buy anything every 2 weeks if I don't want/need to.  I have 2 years to spend these Plenti pts. which leads to a lot slower accumulation of toiletries/HBA items.
Instead of a trip at least once every 2 weeks, I can just go when I am either out of something(not happening anytime soon!lol)or if there is something free after sale/Qs/pts.

Much better plan all-around.

Of course the deals just aren't as good anymore so there's the downside.

Moving on............

I also stopped in at Weis while I was out.
There are 2 deals worth doing this week there for me and both are running off of reg. shelf/retail price and not the sale prices of the items!
1-low cost Vlasic pickles, Wishbone salad dressing and condiments.  The deal is spend $15 and get $3 instantly back.
We are totally out of yellow mustard and I "heart" pickles so those both were going to part of the deal I ran.
2-low cost assorted Kraft owned brands from Kool-Aid to coffee to cheese.  The deal is spend $20 and get $5 instantly back.
Can you say more cheap cheese like that week this past June?!?

I ran each deal once(limit of 1 offer per transaction)and ended up paying $1 an item for the pickle/condiment group and .50¢ an item for the Kraft group.

I made a video about this shopping trip and you can see it HERE.
Please excuse my grammar in it as I kept saying "was" in reference to plural subjects instead of "were".  I blame the lack of oxygen in the air here.  ;-)

As for the Kraft Deal at Weis, even if you have no coupons and just buy the Cracker Barrel brand cheese logs you'll spend OOP $5 on 5-8 oz. logs so $1 per item, making this $2 a pound for cheese.  Where else are going to pay that little for cheese??
So get to Weis this week and get your cheese on.....



  1. Free razors!?! They are SO expensive here! I've learned to like hairy legs lol!!

  2. I am pulling up my coupon bootstraps and am going to get back into the swing - much harder for deals and coupons in Canada but so worth it. You are still the Queen!

  3. I like the fact that I can save the points but the deals are really not there any more. Our grocery adds are crap.

  4. You made my day!!!! I missed the RA deals. CVS has been misery lately. I barely go in there. And they never have the things that I have rainchecks for. BOO!

  5. Wish I had a Weiss! I could do with some cheese deals.


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