Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday and I am Done Shopping This Week

Somebody needs to come here and control me because I can't seem to stay out of the stores this week!

I did another round at Rite-Aid on Friday.
Same transaction as the last two, nothing OOP and added 800 pts. to Eldest son's card(well only added new 400 after deducting the old 400 pts. for the purchase)so that card has 1200 pts. now.

I may go back to Rite-Aid today for a second round of Jergens, Chapstick and bottled water on my card.  After sale/Qs I'll "spend" $7.44 on the gift card and get back 800 pts. which basically means everything is free, even the water.  I can really use the water and College Boy runs through Chapstick like nobody's business! 
Why not, right?

Then it was on to Weis.
I did the Kraft Deal and spent $3 OOP on all that stuff.
I also found 3 meat markdowns I bought.  After using the gift card, for the moldy cheese we returned last weekend, for this purchase I spend $10.90 OOP total for all.

You can see the film of that trip HERE.

I think I am done for the week. It seems like I've spent tons this week, but adding it up, all these trips this week only came to $64.92 for $225.32 worth of food. 
I am WAY over my food budget so I don't even want to think about that! ;-)

I've looked over the ads for the grocery stores for next week and I don't see anything I want.
I can certainly use a break from the stores after this week's binge.

We've got lots of cleaning to do today so with this, I am off for the weekend.

I hope everyone has a good couple of days and I'll see y'all Monday morning unless I get inspired Sunday to write something.  8-)



  1. Wow! Maybe you went over budget but you sure got GREAT deals!

    As for me I've got $40 to spend for the next three days (not bad) and won't be looking at any ads until Tuesday, just so I won't be tempted.

  2. You got some great deal! I have not been inspired to do any deal shopping. We went running errands last Sunday and just picked up some stuff we needed since we had been gone for 2 weeks. This week, I will just let Hubby pick up anything we need. I am still tired from my trip and from catching up at work last week.

  3. How the hell do people have jobs? I can't seem to keep up with everything around here as it is.


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