Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Target Trip

Well I won a coupon for a free Dial Foaming Hand Soap product from Frances awhile back.  I tired to redeem that coupon last week at 2 different grocery stores AND then at Rite-Aid and none of the three carries this particular product.
So I googled and found that the only place around here that has this item is Target.
Since the freebie coupon expires today, guess who went out to Target today?

This lady! ;-)
So to make this more efficient I decided to stop by the Bakery Outlet along the route I take to Target.

First the Target trip............

4 x Mountain Dew 12-packs on sale 4/$10. *not pictured*
2 x Hawaiian buns/rolls on sale 2/$5.
1 x Dial Hand Soap reg. $1.84
2 x Seventh Generation Cleaner refills on clearance $1.04 each-$2.08
1 x pack of Baby Back Ribs on sale $2.49 lb.=$8.54
1 x pair of men's shorts on clearance $7.48
2 x  metal hangtags 70% off Red Spot $1 items=.60¢
1 x box of  Lemon Heads candy 70% off Red Spot $1 items=.30¢

I had a $1/2 Hawaiian IPQ which made those $2 a pack.
The Dial Freebie coupon took off $4.00 instead of the $1.84 the product actually cost so $2.16 in overage applied to the rest of my order.

$31.48 after coupons which I put on my free $100 Target gift card so nothing OOP.

I don't know if the shorts will "please" College Boy so those might go back.  Though we still have soda(enough for the cook-out)I picked up this $2.50 pack soda deal anyway since they had CB's fav. Baja Blast Mountain Dew.  I don't know how the kids drinks this nasty stuff. lol  I am hiding it so he can't drink it.....it's for him to take back to college.  Sssshhh, don't tell him..... ;-)

Then I stopped at the Bakery Outlet for 3 packs of hamburger rolls($1 each), 3 Danish/Donut packs ($1 each)and 2 packs of hot dog buns(.75¢).  $7.50 out of the $8 and change left in my wallet for June.

All this shopping goes on July's tally since I closed out June's spending already.

It's been raining cats and dogs off and on all day here.  It finally cleared long enough for me to take everything I left in the car most of the day.....not the meat, I brought that in right away obviously. lol

I don't need to go down off the mountain now until next week.



  1. I miss the bakery outlet near where I used to work, also near my current job. I've been meaning to Google and see if I can find a few to put in my routes if I am in that area. Nice job getting out of Target with no OOP. That place for me is a money magnet-pulls it right out of my billfold.

  2. I am so sorry your free coupon made you go to Target. Although it does look like you got some good deals there. And since you had a gc......

    You are a good mama and I hope CB realizes it!


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