Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Shopping & Stuff

It seems like every time I turned around this week I was off to the grocery store.

I went out this morning to the local hardware store to pick up some tomato plants.  Freezing weather has now passed around here so it's safe to plant things....yay!
Unfortunately we are going away so I don't have much time to get it done before we leave and dare I leave College Boy here with instructions to plant, I do not! ;-)

So on the way I passed the municipal center and saw the local Ladies Garden Club holding a plant sale this morning.  I got the Coleus in the picture for $2.  Unfortunately they didn't have any veggie starts so I had to pay big money up at the hardware store, $3.68 a 4 pack....

Then I went back up to Weis(PMITA)Markets.......with the deals I got today, maybe I should stop saying PMITA, huh? lolz

Anyway, is what I got today at Weis.  I made another video HERE.....aren't you people just so lucky? *snort*

Paid $22.80 paid OOP for $77.01 worth of regular retail grocery items.

And just for KIM, here is a picture of the "ex" pile of clothing........

All put away, thrown away or in a bag for donation.
The only things left to put away are a few pairs of older pants I can knock around the house in.

And I should mention what you can't see is the large pile of clothing that needs altering that's draped over a folding chair by the dresser in this room.  ;-)

Now I have to finish packing and do another load of laundry and wake up "you know who" who got in this morning at 7:30am....sigh

Ok, so "you know who" is up now, since it took so long for my video to publish on YouTube and for me to get this posted.  8-P



  1. Those were all great buys. I love "no bean" chili with hotdogs and shredded cheese. Now, I am hungry for those, but with the night I had, I am afraid to eat. I wonder--will boy eat anything nutritious while you are gone?

  2. Dragging in at 7:30AM?!?!?! Yeesh!!!

    Peace <3

  3. I hate going to the grocery store but I think I may have to start going on a frequent basis to assure I get fresh things more often.

  4. spouse planted 1 of each on sunday: cherry tomato, regular tomato, cuke, green/red/yellow pepper. he also worked on his pool (small above ground).

  5. Good work Sluggy, I want you to know I can see the pile over the chair in the corner. I also looked under the bed. So did Sonya Ann, in fact I think she was hiding there.

  6. You and your good deals! I am so jealous!


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