Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Day Prep Update #2

We've got 9 inches of white stuff and it's snowing again.
Good thing I didn't have to run out today for any ingredients!

We are winding down our prep day now.

Stuffing is finished and in my new "Judy" cooling off so it can go into the fridge.
College Boy sampled it and gave it the Seal of Approval.

And the pumpkin pies are cooling as well.
Kermit gave them a webbed thumbs up!

Oh, and I made a big pan of mac & cheese for dinner tonight which is just about to come out of the oven.

The only chore left to do today/tonight is to cook and mash the taters for roll making in the morning.

Then we get to do this all over again tomorrow......well, new/different chores and foods like rutabaga, taters, rolls and green beans.
And roasting the turkey too.

Kermit and I are off to have some dinner and then to put our legs up and relax for a bit.

What does your pre-Thanksgiving Day prep involve?



  1. Ha, you won't believe this. I'm getting the vegetarian nut loaf into the oven at 7:30 am. It takes a lot of prep, rice, cheese, nuts etc.... So I turn on the oven and go pop in the shower. I come back out and hummm , the oven hasn't turned on. OMG, it's the day before thanksgiving. I have a turkey to roast. So, after much yelling, fretting and whatever, my husband drives 30 minutes a way and gets a new igniter. So 4 hours later we are back in business. I cooked the nut loaves, sweet potatoes. Vegie plate is prepped, dip done. Mashed potatoes ready to be heated. Rolls are Costco. So tomorrow it's really the turkey and gravy, and heat everything else up.
    Wow, snow, it's like 68 here today, but we are expecting rain / in the sierras by Saturday.
    Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Sluggy,
    I DO like the new Judy, but miss the one she's named after. : (
    Hope that she is doing well.

    Pre Turkey day prep found me finishing what little must have grocery shopping this past weekend, also taking advantage of end of the month and Fall/T Day specials for stocking up. I picked up my fresh, organic, local, pasture raised, heirloom turkey (pricey! but a treat!) on Monday after work as the storm was already forecasted, and the stores were zoo ish on Sat. Tonight, I am making pizza instead of ordering out (my tradition) as the roads are bad. I will then bake 2 homemade pies (using up some lurking canned squash vs pumpkin but then again, squash pie is more traditional in New England.). The turkey is fresh so no defrosting needed. I'll make all the sides and stuffing (I stuff the bird) in the morning. We normally eat for 12 noon but retail shifts mean moving that to just after one. I will also make a batch of fresh cranberry-orange relish tonight.
    Happy cooking!

  3. If I can get my body moving, I am going to deliver the last of the Christmas Child boxes. I have the hotdogs for tomorrow thawing in the refrigerator. Should I stuff one tomorrow?

  4. When I saw "Judy." my heart leapt up. I thought she was back.

  5. I made 2 pumpkin pies today. All dishes are staged, and the schedule is printed out. Turkey is brining in a pot in the frig. Think I will cook the shrimp tonight so they can cool overnight for a nice shrimp cocktail starter tomorrow.

    We got snow, which was proceeded by rain, then sleet, and the ground is warm. I went to Target to get a mixer, and it wasn't crowded. YAY ME!!!

    Peace <3

  6. As we do not have Thanksgiving over here I love reading about all your prep work & what you will all be serving for family & friends & then it amazes me you have to do it all again for Christmas. I find Christmas stressful enough.

  7. Let's see. . . . today I mini golfed, drank a mai tai by the pool, and plan to hit up a traditional + seafood buffet for dinner tomorrow. It's pretty rough. :-) this was the best timing ever for a vacation!!

  8. I thought Judy was back too. I miss her and her blog so much :-(


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