Friday, August 8, 2014

This Week's Shopping

I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets Wednesday and spent $55.69.
I didn't intend to spend that much but when I got there, I found out that the Kimberly-Clark/Colgate Catalina Deal also included Toilet Tissue.

So besides the produce, tea, shredded cheese for $1.87 and the .57¢ PowerAde, I bought this stuff.....

2 x Palmolive dish soap on sale=$5
1 x Huggies baby wipes refill on sale=$5.99
1 x Scott TP=$10.29
1 x Scott TP=$9.39

This lot totaled $30.67 after sale prices and should have made a $10 Catalina spit out at the register.
The machine only spat out a $5 Catalina.

So I went to the CS desk and raised hell.

After coupons of $3.50 my total was $27.17 on these items.
All I can figure is that they counted the total after coupons( so it qualified for the spend $20 and get a $5 Cat).  But the sales ad advertising this deal didn't say it was the total AFTER coupons so I raised hell.

When I take the time to go over to the CS desk I know I am right and I will stand there until they see things my way or I will return every single item.  ;-)

So the CS person gave me a $5 gift card to make up for the $5 I was shorted in Cats.  A gift card is nicer since I don't have to spend it within 2 weeks like the Catalinas require you to do.

While in Weis(PMITA)Markets, I saw this too.....


No, I did NOT buy any of those.....bleh.
If you want something that tastes like a cappuccino, drink a cappuccino!
Taters should taste like taters......ok, maybe a little salt and vinegar, barbecue sauce or sour cream and onion.  8-)

I also hit up Rite-Aid this week for this.....

4 x Compleats on sale $2.50=$10.00
2 x Command hooks on sale BOGO50%=$7.03

After my 2 x $1/1 Command product Video Values Qs I was out $15.03

Unfortunately for me there were NO Compleats IPQs available....until today($1.50/3). argh!
I'll take 1 Q up today and get $1.50 back "post sale".

I got $3 +Up Rewards for buying the Compleats too.
Between the $1.50 coupon $ I'll get back and the $3 +Up, it will cover all but .16¢ for 2 cases of bottled water on sale for $2.33 each at Rite-Aid this week.  I guess I'll be picking up water today.  8-)

The Compleats were requested by #2 Son for a shelf stable emergency foodstuff at school.
The hooks were also a need for college.  He inherited a new pack of poster sticky from his sister's time at college so this should be enough to satisfy his "hanging needs" at school. hehehe

Then I went to the local independent grocer yesterday and spent $20 as well.  I bought 2 bags of frozen veggies, 2 bags of frozen French fries(for #2Son), a hunk of liverwurst(for Hubs)and 4lbs. of ground beef while it was still on sale(sale ends tomorrow).  I went off menu last night and added a package of ground chicken and a package of sausage meat to make and cook a meatloaf and served it with the last of the leftover zuke casserole.
I also made/cooked off 19 HUGE meatballs from that meat mixture for later use.  I still have some of the ground beef left so will make a burger for myself for lunch today(out of lunchmeat and had tuna already this week)and brown up the rest for a pot of chili I am making this weekend.

I also spent $21.15 on dog food at Big Lots this week.  They had an instant $5 off WYB $25 of Purina items.  That amount got me a 17lb. bag of kibble and 23 cans of Alpo.

I also picked up the last of #2 Son's college needs at Big Lots.....

1 x clearance stoneware dinner plate(small to fit into a microwave)=$1.50
1 x pot holder=$2.50
1 x mini colander=$3
1 x can opener=$4
1 x scissors=$1.80
Total w/tax=$13.57

That pot holder is nicer than mine! lolz

I have spent $96.96 on groceries(and dog food)this week so far.

The $28.60 at Rite-Aid & Big Lots will come out of the college needs fund, not the food budget for August.

So much for my low spend week!




  1. We are buying the SAME things. DJ has the same meals in his bin. Blech.
    So done with shopping! And I'm taking his stuff out of his funds too. He is way different from his sister, she could care less if I spend her money on things she needs. DJ wants to know how every penny was spent. Cheap bastard.

    1. Cheap bastard huh? I wonder were he gets THAT from! bwwaaahhhh

  2. You were def wrong about the Catalinas. You recieve X dollars off in Catalinas when you spend Y dollars on products. So it's based on amount you Spent - when you use a coupon, you are spending less actual money. Don't spend the amount, don't get the coupon.

    1. And just why/how are you the expert?

      Actually, Cats usually are based on the regular shelf price to get the Q and do NOT deduct for coupons used.
      I have never before been denied a Cat Q for using coupons.

    2. Why would the value of coupons have anything to do with getting the Cat? Manufacturer coupons are a form of payment, not a discount on the product. I know some store coupons are considered discounts, but I would think they would need to state "after coupons". JMO, of course.

  3. i agree with sluggy and i work in a grocery store


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