Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is Here!

We escaped from DC and made it home.  We left at about 5:30pm on a Friday and hit no rush hour tie ups....imagine that!!! lolz

Got in before 10pm and that was with an hour long stop for dinner at an IHOP in Latham, MD.
I fell into bed and have been nursing my knee and sore feet all weekend.  All that walking in DC about did me in. ;-)

Yesterday was all about shopping and the yard........I went to 3 stores procuring food provisions.
Saturday was the last day to qualify for a $10 in free meat deal at the local market so I had to get a second $10 of meat in before it ended.
I also hit the restaurant supply store for meat, cheese, produce and a stock up on paper plates for the Summer weather and the party later this month.  Got some plastic platters so I can do a veggie crudit√© and a fruit plate for the party.  $117 later I left that store.... 8-(
Hit up Dollar General(the Sad Store)also for soda for the party.

I made Ginger Garlic Shrimp stir fry for dinner last night and used up 2 partial bags of wild and long grain rice.

Hubs dug up a shrubbery and worked on the bed we are making on the South side of the house.  There is also mulch to be spread.  We'll get that done next weekend.

Today the weather has been beautiful as well.  I got all caught up on my bookwork this morning, June 1st Net Worth calculations and my May Spending report, as well as my Grocery Spending for May.
Then I did some cooking and prep for dinner, and when Hubs finished moving the lawn, he helped me get out "Precious" and I officially kicked-off the 2014 Grilling Season.....

A few hours in Precious and we'll have some smoked chicken thighs ready for the barbecue sauce.

Off to put my feet up for a bit, open a cold one and relax.....



  1. Sounds like loads of fun! Glad the DC trip was good, even if it wore you would. Heck, a trip like that would wear me out, too!

    I got the cold one cracked!

    Peace <3

  2. yikes this looks like a bomb.

  3. spouse and I just finished up our cookout with the neighbor. beer/wine was drunk, hot dogs/burgers were consumed, with pineapple cheesecake for dessert. a great day and good times!

  4. My precious ... I have one too!!!! but a couple of years ago we bought one of those electric ones. I can't decide if it is thumbs up or thumbs down. Taste? DOWN! Ease? TOTALLY UP!

    As your kid spin off you will see more and more what a pain in the ass cooking for two is. Do you really want to spend 3 hours tending a fire in a charcoal smoker ??? (NO) Do you want to spend 3 hours tending the chips in an electric smoker??? (NO) Would you rather have Chinese buffet or Costco pizza? Hell yes!

  5. We did yard work too. Boo! We drank too! Yay!


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